Friday, September 5, 2008

THIS is my life ?

I'd really like to say that today has been a better day. . . Of course, I can't seem to escape the fact that this is still my life, so a certain amount of craziness is to be expected.

First, I guess the good news. Around 2PM, my bleeding just suddenly decided to lighten up. Not cease mind you, but it's seems a lot more normal. At about the same time, the Doctor's nurse called to say that she has set an appointment for me to see the ob/gyn at 8AM Friday. In the mean time, I was told to go to the outpatient lab at the hospital, and have some blood work run so that the results would be available for the doctor tomorrow morning when she sees me. Hopefully, she'll look at all my tests, decide that it's just some kind of hormonal quirk, give me some pills, maybe an iron shot, and send me home to live happily ever after. Well, I can dream, can't I?

I haven't spent much time in bed today, but I haven't really accomplished anything productive either. I just feel totally wrung out. I probably would have taken more advantage of the bed rest order, if I hadn't woke this morning to find that Nick had decided to quit his job. Even more absurd, when Nick quit his job and came home, Jennifer decided to do the same !!! (I mean, she HAS worked two whole days at her new job - that seems to be the limit of her endurance) So the two of them spent the day hiding out down stairs, in their room. (Probably trying to avoid me and my anger.) They didn't come out until Roy and I went to the hospital. As we came home, they were just returning from walking the dogs. Nick tried his best to avoid me, but I got close enough to smell alcohol on his breath. For the rest of the day, they made a couple of mysterious, and unexplained trips out of the house, and immediately went directly back to hiding. All of this makes me very suspicious. The two of them are either plotting to skip out on his bond, or they are just too stupid to have any idea what to do. Which will of course, result in a huge mess. Nick has done nothing about his upcoming court date. He has yet to retain a lawyer, so far, he's spent all of his money on fixing Jennifer's car, and now, he has no future income at all. It certainly doesn't appear that they are able to hold up their end of their agreement.

I'm going to have to sit down with them and have a talk. Unfortunately, right now, I have other things to deal with. Jake's birthday is Monday, and he has planned to have several friends over tomorrow night for a sleep over, and then, a skate party on Saturday. Saturday night, I have my three year old grandson, spending the night. In addition, Heather's youth group has a pie sale scheduled for this weekend at the Old Settler's Days in town. ( Old Settler's is a yearly festival for Olathe.) Heather has volunteered to work shifts on all three days. In fact, I spent this evening supervising her as she baked six pies for it.

I really haven't time to deal with Nick and Jennifer's bullshit, or any of their dramas this weekend. If they do anything to screw things up, I won't have any other option, but to kill them both. In which case, I'd have to take time to clean up the mess, and to figure out how to dispose of their bodies, and THAT would really piss me off. ( Of course, I did just watch Sweeney Todd . . . and Heather's youth group IS having a pie sale . . . I wonder . . . Nah, I couldn't . . . or could I?)

You know what really pisses me off the most? I had one whole day that I could have spent in bed -without guilt. I should have had the whole house to myself. But noooo, Roy only had two jobs to do, and for some reason, he decided to put them off. Nick and Jennifer, both choose today to quit their jobs! So, instead of resting, I had to deal with a houseful of idiots who all need to have their asses kicked for being a bunch irresponsible morons. But you know, that's my life.

I need to get myself to bed, I have an early day tomorrow.

Good night.


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Willow said...

I'm glad to hear that your physical problems at least seem to be easing up, and I hope the ob/gyn appointment went ok. As for the rest of it, god I have no idea! Would it be burying your head in the sand to say sod the lot of em and just enjoy the busy weekend you have planned? Probably best to skip the Sweeny Todd thing though - just too many awkward questions!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are a woman with a plan in mind :) I think in fried green tomatos, the bad guy was put into a giant pot of stew?!!

Anyway - you just concentrate on getting yourself back to good health and never mind the craziness for a bit, Heather's stall sounds a good fund raising idea. I should tell my Scouts to do the same! (instead of me doing all these boxes of chocolates!)

Have a good weekend ok and let me know how you go at the clinic! Feel better soon!

love mel

Auburn haired artist said...

YES !!!! We should bar-be-que the little monsters !!! That would be perfect. Except, Nick is so damn wirey - no meat on his bones at all ! O'course, Jennifer is a bit chunky . . . I wonder if the two of them would "blend together" as well as they think they would ?

I'm feeling much better today - maybe, just a tad bit evil as well. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I think our children would be shocked to know how evil our minds sometimes are :)

I am kind of getting the idea that my mum has probably had quite a few evil thoughts directed my way as well, but I just can't fully believe she'd EVER be so cross with me. Ha!