Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy day daydreaming

Well, it's been another day of gloomy, grey skies here. Jake and Heather spent the day at the mall with their friends this morning, so I had plenty of time to finish putting my house back in order. At least, most of it.

So this afternoon, I've been just sort of sitting around, gazing out the window, and daydreaming. I've been thinking for a long time now that I could use a vacation. Maybe, It's the monotony of the whole housewife drudgery - thing; maybe, I'm just a selfish bitch that wants to be spoiled rotten. I know that my husband would be more than happy to spoil me rotten - if we didn't have kids that demand every second of our time, every penny that he makes, and every ounce of our energy. Dear God, they're sucking the very life force from our minds, bodies, and relationship. I suspect that over the course of the next ten years, they will leave us looking and feeling like mindless, drooling, zombies. Well, at least things won't change much for Roy. (ha ha-just kidding)

Anyway, I'm thinking that maybe we should start with just a weekend away together. We don't even have to go far. There is a place here in Kansas City, Kansas that I'd really like to check out. It's sort of a bed and breakfast/romantic getaway type place called Chateau Avalon.*They have all these rooms and they each have a different romantic theme. Things like The Renaissance, Roman Dynasty, Tropical Tree House, Jesse James' Escape, Egypt, almost anything you could imagine. And of course, all kinds of romantic extras. We could check in, and never have to leave the room! I would totally love that!! All I have to do is plan out all the details and figure out what to do with the kids while we're away. Roy is really bad about putting things together, he just isn't very creative. ( Of course, once I've done all the work, he's usually more than happy to co-operate - Isn't he sweet?)

Oh well, once I get through our annual Halloween production, I'll need a new project. Our 20th anniversary is in March. I could get to work on it after the holidays. If I can pull this off, Maybe I can plan something with the whole family for this Summer? I guess stranger things have happened.

Well, Jake has gone to spend the night with Patrick, and Heather has invited a friend from school to stay the night. They are wanting to bake cupcakes. I don't know why, we have so much junk food around here already. I guess little girls need projects for rainy days too.

Time to get off my butt, and make sure that they don't set the house on fire.

* Click on this link and the 23 themes are listed at the bottom of the page. (three catagories) Click on any theme and you can take a virtual tour of the suite.

3 howled back:

Anonymous said...

I love the New York loft...but I laughed at the Egyptian one as well. Be a Cleopatra, minus the asp. hahahah.

Do it! I hope you get that weekend away. :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I believe that a weekend away is a grand idea! Chateau Avalon looks like a really neat place to escape to.

Auburn haired artist said...

You know what really sucks? About 15 years ago, Roy was working as a maintenance supervisor for a down town High rise apartment building. Nothing speacial, just a really old building with some character, that just happened to be on the verge of closing down because the previous management had let things go.

I always thought it would be a fabulous idea to fix it up as a hotel with "theme" rooms - alot like this place.
In fact, a girl friend and I would often sit and talk about all the things we could do with it. I am absolutely positive that we could have done a MUCH better job than they did ! Our ideas were alot better, and REALLY awesome. Of course, It would have cost a fortune, and we were flat broke. . . (as a matter of fact, I still am broke:0 )

Maybe some day, if I win the lottery . . . .