Monday, November 24, 2008

The Circle of Life

Well, I'm sitting here this Monday afternoon, sort of at a stand still. I have things I could be doing, such as laundry, grocery shopping, etc, but I'm out of supplies and my hubby left the house this morning with all my money. Because of his work schedule today, he won't make it back in the direction of home until 3PM. So I have a lull in my day, which will be followed by rushing around like a mad woman, trying to get everything done at once. Oh well, some days are like that.

I finally heard from Nick over the weekend. He's been busy working some temp jobs and helping to pack. Jennifer and her family have found another house (With the same space, in the same school district, that actually works much better, financially, for them) and they will be moving soon.

The only problem seems to be . . . last Friday, Nick bought a baby bunny for Jennifer, and there are absolutely no pets allowed at the new house. So he called Sunday to ask if I would Bunny sit until they are able to move into their own place. (it could be quite some time before Nick and Jen are able to afford their own apartment) Now when they first adopted the bunny, they stopped by my house to show her off and I set them up with Princess' old doggie crate as a temporary bunny home for her. As Jennifer held Nala, the bunny, I noticed that my dogs were of course very curious about this little bundle of fur. Midnight, my little "romeo" dog, adores little furry things, he calmly sat with his head in Jens lap and licked the bunny's paws. However, Angel, who is a working dog with a very strong prey drive, knew exactly what Nala, was. Angel has chased more than her share of rabbits. As she sniffed at her, her ears and tail came to attention, and her eyes dilated. NOT a good sign. Heather desperately wants to care for Nala and she has volunteered to keep her in her room, where she already has a hamster. I'm not so sure about all of this.

I think that I may have mentioned, we used to have several turtle doves. This was back when Heather was younger, and we only had two dogs; Honeybear, my very loving and gentle Golden Retriever, and Guttenburg, a formerly feral German Sheppard. Two of the doves, belonged to Heather. Because of Guttenburg's prey drive, I was always careful to keep the dove cages out of Gute's reach. Even though Honey bear was a bird dog, I never worried about her.because she never showed any interest in them. One day, Guttenburg was at the vets office having some x-rays done, and Heather had the bird cage sitting on the kitchen table. We had to make a quick run to the store, and when we returned . . . we found a trail of gray feathers and both birds, out of their cages and dead. Honeybear, was sitting in her usual spot, just like always, looking sweet and innocent. As I surveyed the scene of the crime (and Heather sobbed uncontrollably) there were signs of a chase, a struggle, and tooth marks in the bodies. It was obvious that Honeybear was guilty. Although I have no idea HOW she did it because, the bird cage door was still closed and locked. I tried to explain to Heather that Honeybear was just following her natural instincts, but she wouldn't speak to Honeybear for weeks.

I don't want a similar drama replayed. Especially since Nala isn't mine. But Nick is desperate to find a home for the bunny, and Heather is determined to keep her for them. I'm used to chaos and insanity, and even occasional dismemberment, but Angel is Heather's dog, and I don't know if I could handle it if anything happened to alter that relationship. In spite of all my warnings, it looks like the two of them are determined to do this. so it appears that the circle of life (and death) can not be stopped. Just in case, I have recorded my objections here. Mark my words . . .

In other news . . . Today is beginning of a week, that traditionally marks the start of many annual festivities and celebrations. (UGH!) This year, it's more like a gauntlet that has to be run. The kids have only two days of school this week before Thanksgiving break begins on Wednesday. After that . . . LET THE INSANITY BEGIN !!! Family feasting, decking the halls with snowflakes, Christmas trees, and boxes of other dust covered glittery items. And of course, Black Friday, which I REFUSE be part of. However, I did promise to take the kids to see Twighlight, the movie on Friday. That'll be crazy enough. I also have to plan for the month that follows. Gingerbread house creation, and a bunch of other merry family activities, blah, blah, blah.

Okay, I really do have some things I should be doing to prepare for this week. I need to get my butt out of this chair and moving. Wish me luck . . .



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sparsely kate said...

I had a chuckle at the 'gauntlet to be run' comment...yes it does rather feel like that! this silly lead up to eating and eating and spending on stuff nobody needs :)
you guys have thanksgiving coming up, we don't have that celebration at least...but still. Christmas is crazy enough.

I also had a chuckle at "mark my words" about the rabbit and the dog and the possible disembowelment. HAHAHA. Gosh I hope it doesn't end in blood and tears either :)

anyway, have fun with your stuff you are meant to be doing...I'm meant to be doing stuff too. But who can be bothered?

jasminharrington said...

So Jason hates rabbits I found out last night. He said he would eat it if Nick had asked us to bunny sit. His problem... we have neighbors down the street who asked Jason to feed their dog and rabbit for a weekend while they were out of town. He did of course because he is a good neighbor. This was 2 years ago and they have yet to thank him for it!

Also, I am so glad you mentioned the gingerbread houses because since we have had our tree up (two weeks) Ana keeps asking when we are going to your house to do houses.

Also, my daughter would like to spend the night Friday or Saturday!

Cat said...

I am just not in the place for the holiday this year - not sure if it is just the seasonal effective mood thing or if it is something else. Lord knows I have so many reasons to celebrate and be thankful this year!

have a great week.


christopherc said...

I don't want to do holidays this year... just to be a knot on a log.

I'm too tired to worry about them.

But, they'll come and I'll get drug into them and I'll be glad to be done with them...maybe we'll all be feeling more festive later.


PS: Scott just told me those weren't faries, but elves around santa...what he hell... that takes all the gayness out of the santa myth.

Damnit all!

Cat said...

Women who run with the wolves!!! Are you and kate reading that?! I saw the blog :p

I began it last week - for the jwc site - so far I love it!

Oh an thank you for your kindness on my blog today.