Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ho,ho, ho, hum

I woke this morning to find snow gently falling outside my window. It's been falling most of the day, but with the temps in the mid 30's, it just turns to wet when it hits the ground. Now that the sun has gone down, it's cooled off considerably. My backyard deck has turned to ice and it's supposed to start snowing again tonight, so maybe, there will be a blanket of white in the morning.

The snow fit into my plans for the day nicely. Today, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the inside of the house. Ohhhhhh . . .Ahhhhhh . . . shiny, sparkly, glittery . . . crap.

Ugh ! I've been Dragging all the huge plastic tote boxes up and down the stairs all day, along with all the dust and cobwebs. Not to mention all the itsy, bitsy fake pine needle foo-foos that get dumped everywhere. I'm just NOT in a Christmasy mood this year. Unfortunately, there's really no way to stop it, so we might as well get this over with. To be honest, I don't mind the lights and decorations as much as the insanity, stress, and greed that they inevitably bring. For now, the house looks bright and pretty and I'm not going to think about the rest. I'm just going to focus on my accomplishments and be content with that.

Last night, Roy and I took Heather and Ana to go see Twilight, the movie. I was a little disappointed. It was a very picturesque, romantic movie, but I just don't think it's possible for an hour and a half film to convey a story as complex and emotionally detailed as this one. I think a person would have actually had to have read the book to fully appreciate the movie. I don't know if it's true, but someone told me that the movie was originally four hours long. I would be interested to see that, if it were released on a home DVD.

Other than that, things around here have been sort of . . . I don't know, blah? I don't know what's up, maybe the lack of sunlight and the abundance of cold grey skies, but I've just been feeling so tired and worn out. I haven't walked the dogs as much lately and I'm starting to pay the price. They're feeling anxious and very discontent. Maybe, if we get some snow accumulation in the morning, I'll feel like getting them out to play. They just love a walk in the snow. I don't mind, as long as it isn't bitterly cold and windy.

The other night, we were over at Jasmin's house and her husband gave us some ground venison. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to make a pot of Chili with it. I've only cooked with venison one other time before, when we spent a summer in the mountains of Colorado, ages ago. I hope it turns out okay. Heather is already having an issue with eating "Bambi."

Well, I need to finish putting up the last of the snowflakes on the windows, then get myself off to bed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



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Anonymous said...

I think we need to get together and start a yuletide recovery support group!

As for movies... most of the ones I've seen in recent years have been disappointing. Although... the new Harry potter flick is coming out soon; hopefully, it'll be good!

Hope things are shaping up for a swell week!


Anonymous said...

You do sound a tiny bit ho-hum. You need some injection of vitamins or something! I know those feelings pass but isn't it awful when we feel that way? like it will never end.

Hey it would be so wonderful if just this year we could give our kids one gift and one gift only and that would be all they expected. I agree with you; Christmas can be a time of stress and financial ruin. And it's SO NOT MEANT TO BE!! we're all under so much damn pressure to give our kids the latest thing and gadget. Nobody is happy wtih woollen socks, haha.

I have heard a few people mention that Twilight wasn't as good as they had hoped and prayed it would be..because the book just was wonderful.
I haven't read the book yet, I know you raved about it and I am going to put it on my 'to do' list..I want to know what the hype is!

take care and your tree does look beautiful and the snow falling, oh it sounds lovely. xx