Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I feel so . . . ogled

It's been one of those LONG days. There wasn't much going on for Roy at work today, and he woke up feeling not so good. The general consensus seems to be that right now, everyone is feeling kind of yucky. The weather is just on the verge of flipping from fall to winter - not officially - that won't happen until Dec. 21st. However, the nights, and most of the days, are chilly enough to crank on the heaters. So anyway, Roy, and a lot of other people, are struggling with sinus problems, and as a result, he was home with me today.
It's been a while since I've had any actual grown up for company during the day. Unfortunately, he wasn't much company, so it just felt weird. Every time that I walked through the living room, there he was, sitting on the couch, in his t-shirt and thermal long johns, unshaven, with his hair sticking up in every direction, silently watching me. I'd stop, and ask,
"What? Do you need something? Are you okay?"
He'd just look at me, shake his head, and go back to whatever he was doing. After about the tenth time, it was just starting to creep me out. I finally told him,
"Quit ogling me!"
He didn't even respond to that. So I just gave up and ignored him.
He gets in moods like this, all silent and sullen. Usually, it's when he has something on his mind, or he's worried about something. Which means . . . I'll probably NEVER know what the hell all this crap was about.
When he thinks he's sick, there is a lot of moaning and groaning, and a whole assortment of obnoxious sounds, it's really pitiful - borderline disgusting. That's when I do a lot of eye rolling, tongue biting, and pillow fluffing.
Now that he's gone to bed and the house is quiet, I'm sitting here trying to figure out if he's really had something on his mind, or if he was just messing with my head? Maybe, my husband was a victim of an alien abduction last night and replaced with a clone sent to collect data. Who knows. I think when I go to bed, I should make sure to wake him up and then, just sit there and watch him - see how he likes it. Men are so impossible to figure out !

Well, I've had enough craziness for one day, I'm going to bed. Good night.


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Christopher said...

I agree, men are impossible to figure out...almost as much so as women. As for winter... we have had snow all week and forecast to have it through the remainder of the week with the ski slopes around here opening this week/weekend. I'm definitely not ready for that myself.

I hate anytime Scott shows a sign, or symptom of getting/being means three times the recovery time and a hell of a lot o woe is me the entire time. I'm not certain if it's worse when he attempts to stop smoking or when he gets sick. As for when he gets sulky..usually, I just brace myself knowing he's going to explode sooner or later typically. But, sometimes it's just a matter of his needing some head space.

Hope you have a better day Wednesday!

jasminharrington said...

Okay so I learned this from my father so i am sure you don't want to hear it but it is very true. When someone has something on thier mind... eventually you will know what it is. They will talk to you when they are ready and there is no sense in trying to pry it out of them. I have found if you force it before it is time to talk about it... you will fight about it! People like to plan what or how to say things when it is something that bothers them. They don't want more confrontation than absolutely necessary. THIS rule is especially true for Roy... he is very non-confrontational.

Cat said...

It must be a full moon or soemthing my R has been strange like that as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh I thought I wrote on this last night!! I think my comment didn't get printed up here...second time it's done it to me. Conspiracy I say!

Anyhoo, now I forget what I was going to write and tell you... but at least you know I am here and I read the post :)

Auburn haired artist said...

C: You're lucky. I usually don't find out what's wrong until I give him a B.J.

Jas: You're right. Since your father said it, I refuse to acknowledge it.

Cat: I think it may be that R's are just weird in general.

Kate: Uh, well . . . Thanks. I think . . .

Auburn haired artist said...

C: Uh, I mean Roy - not Scott.