Thursday, November 6, 2008

I need Space !!!

Thank God for the miracles of modern pharmaceuticals. I am finally startling to feel better, more like myself, and less overwhelmed. I think I can do this thing called life after all.

I finally put together a slide show of the photos from Halloween, and posted it on my Haunt blog last night. I'm not really happy with it, the photos seem a bit blurred. I'll probably do something different when I have more time. I really have to sort through and organize my photo files before I run out of space. It seems some times, that the computer is just another domain where I have to pick up after my family, and their "I'll put it where it belongs later" attitudes.

I was able to get down to Nick and Jennifer's old room (the family room) and get things cleaned up yesterday. Of course, it still has no floor coverings in there, just a stained concrete floor. I think I'll look into installing one of those hardwood floor kits when Nick gets his bed moved out. Roy and I replaced my moms old kitchen floor with those hardwood laminate floors - it's not that difficult. I just need to check around for a good price on it. In the mean time, I've moved in some grow lights and turned it into a winter nursery for the overflow of my plants.

I talked to Nick yesterday. He and Jennifer are looking for jobs again. Jennifer's parents live in Missouri (about a 50 minute highway drive away from here) and it just isn't cost efficient for them to drive so far to work. So between looking for a job and having to stay sober, Nick is in a mood. I've been there, and done that with him enough times, that I'm relieved I'm not doing it again.

Well, I've still got a lot of work to do, still getting cleaned up from Halloween. I've got three corpses that need coffins made for them so they can be stored away. I've decided that between Nick's stuff, and all my projects, I've just run out of room to store things, so I'm going to check into renting a storage locker. There's a storage facility just a couple of blocks from here that would be convenient. Of course, the minute I create an empty space around here, my family makes it their mission to fill it with randon junk. Why is that?

Any way, I'm not getting any thing done sitting here . . .

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Cat said...

I raised a few pack rats as well- i feel your pain! ha!

Welcome back to feeling better! Yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, mood enhancing drugs - thanks be to them! So glad to know you are feeling better..

and I have that problem with accumulating junk in my house too - there is just too many people with too much stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've found a cure for over-storage issues. Arund here I instigate a bon-fire about every third weekend and the kids we have on staff clear out scott's piles, leaving me looking nice and innocent-ish!

Ahh, laminates are wonderful and easy.... check and then find out if there's a store near you. we found an entire palate of flooring at $5.00 a carton; a quarter of the listed price!!!

glad you're feeling better ... hate to hear of the babes in my harem ot feeling good!


Anonymous said...

Funny, not sure if you are talking about psych meds but I am so close to going on them myself right now. Been struggling with that for almost a month.

We have Pergo in the bedroom......I love those floors!

I spend too much time on this computer and not enough time cleaning my house.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow Impressive Halloween setup!!!! Love those pics!