Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A night off

Oh my gosh, I feel so fat!!! My mom took us out to dinner to celebrate Heather's Birthday this evening. We went to a little hole in the wall steak house in Kansas City, KS, called Frontier. My God, it was good!! Most of us - except for Roy - could only eat about half our meals. It was so nice not to have to cook for a change.

Grandma gave Heather her birthday money and she got a few dollars from Roy's mom in the mail on Monday. She is trying to save it so that she'll have $ to spend on Saturday, when she and her girlfriends go shopping at the mall. Or at least that was the plan. On the way home, she asked if we could stop at Walgreen's so that she could buy something that she HAD to have, something that she'd been wanting for a long time. Do you know what she bought? A Rubik's cube, and a pair of rainbow colored, sparkly, toe socks ! It's funny what she considers as an "urgent need." I can hardly wait to see what these girls spend their money on at the mall.

Anyway, since Roy was sleeping in the car, we wandered over to the cosmetics counter and played around with the sample perfumes. I just love doing that, I've always had a thing for fragrances; perfumes, candles, body oils, incense, I even feel a need to smell the laundry soaps before I choose one. Anyway, I sprayed some "Glow" (by J.Lo) on the back of my hand and we both wrinkled up our noses at it. Now that I'm home, I'm starting to kind of like it. I'm not really sure about it though.

We weren't home more than ten minutes, when Roy decided to take his engorged belly upstairs to bed. The kids finished their homework and went to bed about half an hour ago, now I'm all alone with the dogs - and even they are sleeping. Since the sun actually peeked out from behind the clouds today, I took them all for a mile and a half walk. After walking almost five miles, I should be tired too, especially since I haven't been out for almost a week, but I actually feel pretty good. I've really missed the sunshine and fresh air. I just hope I don't wake up with sore legs tomorrow.

I'd really like to know what's going on in my husband's head lately. For the past week, he's been walking the dogs after dinner - without being asked! Normally, it's like pulling teeth to get Roy to even help me walk the dogs. Roy HATES to walk, he says it makes his back hurt. All of a sudden, he's doing it on his own! I know that when we got our new insurance, he went to the doctor about his back. They told him that he had arthritis of the spine and all they could do, was give him anti-inflammatory pills and physical therapy. At the time, I told him that I "had heard" that the best way to slow down arthritis, was to stay active. I also mentioned that losing some weight might take the strain off his back. I honestly didn't make a big deal out of it because, I didn't think he would do it. Maybe, he actually listened to me? Or maybe, the physical therapist told him the same thing? I don't know, I'm afraid to ask him for fear that I might jinx it. Mostly, I'm just concerned because I know how much it takes to get Roy off the couch and moving. I wonder if he is more concerned about this than he is letting on? If he walks the dogs tomorrow night, I'll go with him and see if I can get some answers.

Okay, I'm just rambling on, I need to go get some things done before bed. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

Great post..I love going out for dinner too, it's such a treat. We went to a lovely Chinese restaurant the other night with my parents and friends and gosh was it GOOD. King Prawns...mmmm.

Ayway it is so lovely that Heather had a great day and has some rainbow toe socks! My girl wants a pair of them as well, it must be the age!!

Hope you get a good night sleep, you sound a lot happier and peaceful and calm - I'm so glad for you!

Anonymous said...

p.s notice how many times I said "lovely" in my post?? I sound like some stepford wife drone.

What I really should say is: frikkin awesome! that sounds more like me. :)

jasminharrington said...

Okay... I absolutely love that steak house! I hope someone had the country fried steak, usually me and the kids can share that and still have leftovers. And maybe the reason you love incese and perfume so much is because you used to have and odor to hide... hippy! Well, now as we both know people don't burn incense for that reason anymore.

Cat said...

The steak house sounds wonderful! And I would't question my husband walking teh dog without being asked that is a blessing ! ha!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to have a night off from the drudgery of day to day life! Congrats!!

As for the perfume counter... Don't walk, but run very fast from that odoriferous place! Here's my line of thought, you found the odor offensive to your olfactory and then finally after two hours grew to not mind it so much. now, how is that smelly stuff going to affect people when you first meet them if that scent is part of your first impression?

Hope all is well in your world,