Friday, November 21, 2008

Pre holiday Blues

I've been feeling very much like Cinderella lately. (Just to clarify, that would be pre-ball invitation Cinderella.) All cooking and cleaning, and mending, and care taking . . . sigh ! Damn it, I want to go to the Ball at the Palace !!! Of course, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, that doesn't seem likely.

Why are holidays such a chore? I SO miss the days when Christmas was about beautiful twinkly lights, angels, and snow, hot chocolate and marshmallows, snuggling under a blanket on the couch to watch a whimsical Christmas special, nativities and Christmas carols, and the smells of pine trees, candy canes, and gingerbread. Of course, I work my ass off to make sure my kids have all those things, but I don't think they notice anymore, and I don't even get to enjoy them. There is always so much to do, so much stress and worry about gifts and shopping. When my kids were little, shopping for Christmas was fun. They didn't care what they got, they were just thrilled to discover Santa hadn't forgotten them.

Then they got older, they went to school and learned how to write. (damn public education !) They found out that Santa took requests ! At first, their scribbled little letters were so cute. . . until some jerk told them that Santa wasn't real. Suddenly, they got serious about making lists and comparing their Christmas haul with their friends at school !! All the pressure got dumped on Mom and Dad, and every year had to be bigger and better than the last. At this point, the only way I can top last year, is to buy them sports cars - and they aren't even old enough to drive !!!! Maybe that's a kids way of getting even with their parents for lying to them about Santa? They aren't impressed with twinkle lights and jingle bells anymore. Snow is only an excuse for a day off school, Christmas T.V. specials have been replaced by holiday movie releases at the mall with their friends. Christmas carols are lame, and they would prefer the scent of cold hard cash over pine trees, candy canes, and gingerbread.

My kids are barely teenagers and already they are SO jaded !!! Is early Childhood the only time when Christmas is magical ? Do we just get a few precious years and the rest is greed and memories? I want my Christmas warm fuzzies back !!!!!

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Cat said...

I can totally relate to your thougths and sentiments here!! Seriously it was so much more fullfilling for me when the boys were young, now it just feels like work and stress.

This year we are doing something different - because the diffiuclt economy is upon my home - I told the boys they can give me a list and that I will only be spendin X amount on each of them - so depending on what is on their list - will depend on how many gift's they have to open... Lord knows these days everything is expensive.

I however am excited about not shopping in crowds, and focussing on spending time together playing board games and well eating food.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think you and Roy need to pack up, leave the kids there to fend for their own Christmas and come stay in one of our chalets over the river and enjoy my magical little world. Here Christmas is still magical, the deer across the river can talk, and food magically appears at the table from when the dirty dishes disappear and never is there a spoiled moment...hold on. Never mind, other than the snow and setting, I live in a demented fantasy world void of reality!

In all reality, I think the last several years have caused me to hate the holidays... this year I'm being selfish and taking the holidays as a time for ME. Now, I've got to go glue that damned reindeer horn back on Scott's ass.


Hope you're soon feeling more holiday-ish.


Anonymous said...

I am in that in between stage..I've still got kids little enough to be sucked in by the lights and carols and magic of it but then they also have one foot firmly planted in, "This is what I want for Christmas" and yeah it is not some shiny ball or hope for world's a nintendo or a playstation 3 or a remote car. Blah!

Auburn haired artist said...

Cat: We sort of did that last year. I planned all kinds of family activites and they were like, "Meh" I think I'm just feeling left out because they are at that age where they would rather be with their friends than do family stuff. I'll probably end up doing it all again this year and inviting their friends. It's just so reminiscient of my days of being a preschool teacher - except the kids are bigger. (but only in a physical sense)

Chris: I'd love to, except I'd probably end up spending all my time hanging with you in your kitchen. (because Roy won't let me glue stuff on his butt - I used duct tape last time and he holds a grude;)

Kate: Yeah, that was about 4 years ago for me. I honestly don't have any idea what they want now, and I'm afraid to ask.