Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heather day

Today, all over the country, people have been celebrating our troops, and honoring and paying tribute to our veterans, both past and present.

Here at our house, things are a little . . . different. (Ooooh, what a surprise!) It's not that we don't love and respect our veterans and service men; it's just that every November 11th, happens to be the anniversary of my youngest child's birth. Heather, my baby, turned twelve years old today. *sigh* Only twelve more months until she becomes a teenager. Although, that's just a technicality. She spends so much time with Jake and older friends that she pretty much acts like a teen already.

We have kept things pretty low keyed around here today, as far as birthdays go. Since Heather's birthday falls on a Tuesday (and a school day) this year, we plan to do the actual celebration on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We told the kids last year, that since they're getting older, the huge, expensive, crazy parties are over. Birthdays are days to be shared with friends and family. They can have over night friends, cake, ice cream, and a day of doing things that they enjoy. For Jake's birthday, he had a sleep over and they all went skateboarding at several of their favorite skate parks. Heather is having a few friends over on Friday night, and then Saturday, we go shopping at the mall.

So today, I got over my tantrum and I feel much better. I fixed the vacuum myself - it has a small hole in the hose - so I am definitely looking for a new one. With five dogs, I vacuum almost every day and our vacuum takes a lot of abuse. I've spent the better part of my day just catching up on house work. Just the same old, same old.

I'm getting so tired of the cold, dreary, gray skies, and all the rain. It's bad enough that the days are shorter and it's full dark by 5:30PM, but it would be nice to have a little sunshine during the day time. I feel like the clouds have seeped into my brain, and I just can't think very well. Thinking really wasn't one of my strong points to begin with.

Well, I need to get myself off to bed. Good night.

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sparsely kate said...

Happy Birthday Heather!! I feel like I know her a bit after reading about her for about two years?!?! Gosh she looks like her Dad, do you agree? (But much MUCH prettier, hehehe)

Yep, your 'baby' is now not really a baby..it's sad how fast they grow. Only yesterday they were in nappies....


Cat said...

Wonderful day to turn 12!!! I am envious of you for having a daughter - but then I remind myself that the teen years are so hard with us girls! Savor this year while it last's!