Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Checking In

I'm still around. I've just been busy, busy, busy ! I spent all day Friday running errands and buying groceries. Thank God, the temps decided to warm up a bit. Today, my hubby and I picked out some new living room furniture ! I've wanted (and needed) some for SO long ! It's supposed to be delivered Tuesday, but I wanted to do some thorough cleaning before they deliver it. So, this afternoon, I got the old couch and love seat moved down to the family room so I could get Jake and Heather's friends out of my living room. The cold weather has really turned my house into a gathering place for their friends. (I'm one of the few moms who are home when the kids get out of school) They really need a space of their own, but a place where I can still keep an eye on them.

Anyway, I've been moving furniture all over the place trying to make room for the new stuff, and store the old stuff until the city does their spring cleaning trash pick up. (There's a lot of stuff that just needs to disappear.) Nick and Jennifer are going to come over tomorrow, after church. I'm going to see if there is any of it they might want, for when they get their own place. ( Of course, I'll probably still have to find a place to store it for them)

Okay, I need to get myself off to bed. I'm exhausted and I still have a lot of stuff to get done before Tuesday. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

Once we know more about where we're going to be for the next couple of years; we're going to have to do a furniture replacement marathon here too. I so dread spending that c=kind of cash, but look forward to a nice new sofa and chair too!

Congratulations on the new set, and hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love new furniture! I've had the one couch since's getting old huh..maybe when I get a job I'd like to find something new and save for it.

Have fun moving all the old stuff out..I can't wait to see a photo of the new things (hint hint). I really like nosing into other people's houses :)
I bet your teenagers are so happy they'll get a place of their own to hang out in..privacy rules for spin the bottle and truth or dare,hhaha. Just kidding!

I better go to bed, I'm getting loopy.

love mel