Friday, November 21, 2008

Blah, blah, blah . . .

Oh my . . . would you listen to that? It's quiet. Well, almost. It's Friday night and things are finally starting to settle. The girls, Heather and Chloe, have finally decided to go do some drawing in her room; and the boys, Jake and Quentin, are doing God only knows what in Jake's' room. Roy is sleeping because he has a call at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning. So now, I can finally think. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

My mind keeps reaching out in the direction of my oldest son, Nick. I haven't heard from him since . . .Tuesday? He called to get a phone number from me and said that he would call me back - he never did. I just don't have a good feeling about any of this. He and Jennifer stopped by the house last weekend, he is really feeling uncomfortable with the living situation over there. Not only is it uncertain, but Jennifer's sister is really making him feel unwelcome. Of course, the word is, she's a total bitch anyway. He's still head over heels crazy about Jennifer, but he just wants to be somewhere else.

I don't like feeling so disconnected from him, it feels unnatural. I'm used to touching base with all my kids on a daily basis. (and my oldest is 30) I just feel at loose ends not knowing if things are okay. I suspect he is pissed at me, I don't know.

Since the weather has turned cold, Jake has started bringing all his friends home from school with him to our house, instead of going to the skate park. This evening, he brought home five of them ! It gets a little crazy for a few hours in the afternoon, with a bunch of rowdy teens and five excited dogs. but it's also nice to get to know his friends. He has the cutest little girlfriend, Chrissy. Last week, Jake spent quite a few after school evenings at her house, and I guess Chrissy's mom decided that he was okay, and it's safe to allow her daughter to hang out here. That's good to know.

Since it's Friday night, Heather called to ask if her new friend, Chloe, could spend the night. After spending more time with her last weekend, I decided that she's a pretty good kid. She lives with her dad and brother (her mother passed away) and I think that she is just very used to hanging out with guys. Both her dad and brother are heavily into cage fighting on the weekends and she gets so bored hanging out at the gym with a bunch of sweaty guys. I suspect that I'll be seeing quite a bit of her. I think she really enjoys being with Heather and doing girl stuff. I think it's a good thing

Anyway, after school, the two girls went to Chloe's house to pick up her stuff, and Roy went to pick them up. Roy met Chloe's dad, and I guess they hit it off because he came home all excited that, "Van said he would get him tickets to the fights!" Oooooh, how nice, that's exactly what I wanted to hear! How exciting. Now, my hubby can hang out with the guys while I deal with the zoo! Actually, I'm not too worried. I don't see Roy as a cage fight kind of guy, but he's does get excited to check out new stuff, especially if it has anything to do with sports.

Well, I need to get some sleep tonight, so I better get myself off to bed. Goodnight.


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Chloe is a little girl you are happy to have sounds like she would love the girly stuff in your home, and I bet it's more fun that two sweaty cage fighting blokes??!?! (what the hell is that? it sounds claustrophobic!)

Anyway...I wouldn't like not knowing where my kid is at either - if your 'Mom' senses are playing up then chances are the sooner you hear from your boy the better!! Yep, maybe he is laying low because he is cross with you but either way - you have to check it out, you are a Mum :)

jasminharrington said...

HA! I told you... sometimes "those" little girls just need to be loved! BUT you already knew that... cause you taught me that!

Anonymous said...

I suspect you'll have a greater impact on Chloe than you may expect at this point; a surrogate mom of sorts.

I hear you saying Jake has won approval from "the mother" but has this young lady won your approval?

Nick continues to be in my thoughts and do you and Roy.

Peace be in your heart and life,

Auburn haired artist said...

Kate: Cage fighting is a mixed martial arts fight done in a ring that is surrounded by Chain link fencing. It can get kind of ugly.

Jas: yeah, she's a good kid. I'm just not used to little girls being so comfortable around older men. She's very good at manipulating them too. Her knowledge could be very useful . . .

C: Jake has had alot of girlfriends, but this is the first one that I've met. She's very sweet and cute. I just hope she doesn't break Jake's heart.