Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I tried, it's just not working today.

As of this afternoon, there's no good news yet. I woke this morning, took my meds, and had every intention of working through a list of things that I've been putting off for the past few days. Well, let's just say that so far, things have not worked out as planned. The list of things that have gone wrong is now officially longer than the modest list of things I had hoped to accomplish. Not good. Not good at all. Things could get ugly around here today.

Still, If I don't get this poison out of my system I could explode. So, I'm warning the faint of heart, and those who are easily upset, that this is going to be a very ugly post.

First of all, my plans for today were:

1.) Wake up and take my meds . . .Check.

2.) Organize recently downloaded computer photo files and delete duplicates. . . . check

3.) Download and sign up school parent access site. Check Jake's grades and status of homework and make up work that needs to be done. . . .

Okay, this is where things start to fall apart. Once I got onto the school site, I discover that my son is failing every class except Art. This is upsetting, to say the least. I home schooled this kid for two years, I know what he is cape able of. Jake is easily a "B" student, without even trying. If he applies himself, he could bring home all "A's." After some further investigation, I discover that once again, Jake is not doing and turning in homework. We had the same issue last year _ Jake simply is too involved with his friends and having a good time to do home work. The work he is completing in class is mostly "B" work. So he's doing the class work, even if he isn't doing his best. I find and Click on a tab that is new to the site this year, and discover that out of the 198 students in 8th grade at his school, Jake's grades rank him at 176 for his class. Which means that only 22 kids have grades lower than my son. And if I were to be realistic, half of those 22 children are probably retarded !! Okay, I have to have a chat with my son when he comes home from school today. We have to lay down some rules and restrictions until he can bring up his grades and learn to take his school work seriously. Okay, a couple of deep breaths and move on to item #4 on my to do list.

4.) Vacuum . . . seems easy enough. That is until I pug in the vacuum and give it a few pushes across the floor. I hear a strange sound and discover that the beater bar on my only vacuum is snapped in half. Not fixable. After 4 days of neglect, all my floors are beyond disgusting and I with the holidays, I am flat broke and can't even think about purchases like new vacuums. My brain inside my skull is now starting to throb.

5.) Replace the rickety computer table in Jacob's bedroom with a desk that I have in the Family room. . . . . I had both the kids clean their rooms last night in anticipation of this. Jacob's room is an attic bedroom and he's a teenage boy, so to be honest, I avoid going up there as much as possible. I knew that it had to be a wreck because in addition to over night guests on both Friday and Saturday of this past weekend, he has has entertained several of his friends up there recently. I wasn't really in the mood to move furniture today, but I want to accomplish something, so I walk up the steps and open the door. Words can't even describe what I found.
The room was reasonably picked up, however, the destruction was mind boggling. The walls and ceiling were covered with graffiti done in permanent marker. I found several holes in the walls and closet doors. Even the table tops were covered with graffiti using White Out correction fluid !!!! The two video chairs that I spent days searching for last Christmas were destroyed. The vinyl covers were slashed and torn, and the stuffing had been pulled out, even the wood frames were broken in several places. They are trash. In fact the whole room was trashed. It looks like a hotel room after a rock band has partied there. Now I am feeling nauseous. I can't believe that he would allow himself and his friends to get so out of control ! I am not at all happy.

My other plans of putting on my makeup and doing some price shopping for Christmas, no longer seem very important. I called Roy and He said that he would deal with Jake when he gets home. However, Jake will be home from school in about half an hour and feel like I am completely falling apart. I have no idea what I might say to him, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be nice.

I think that I need to go lay down for a while. I'm feeling torn between crying, and throwing up. I may do both.


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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Susan, I would strangle him! That's so naughty to trash a room like's probably one of his friends though do you think?

And the vacuum cleaner breaking and not being able to afford a new one? I almost had tears in my eyes in sympathy. I HATE not being able to vacuum a floor, nobody understands how important it is to vacuum a room and feel like there is some chance of having a clean home and all being ok with the world. Can you borrow a neighbours just this once?

You ARE having a crappy day. Sorry for ya and it gets better soon.

p.s you aren't the only one who has days like this, so hang in there ok!?! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey honey you know that kids will be kids and our son will at some point pull his head out of his freinds ass. last night i started seeing something in jake. H actually felt disappointed in the way his freinds were acting
Just something i noticed. maybe he is growning up. foot must be put down about the home work. ill try and do better and get my head out of my ass love you your bigolbear