Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm still alive and all is well.

Hooray for me ! I did it and I survived. My dogs are fresh and clean , and they don't stink like . . . well, like dogs anymore! It only took about . . . 5 hours!

I started with Phoenix, who it turns out, actually LIKES his bath. Last time I bathed him, he was younger and he was kind of . . . meh! But now, maybe Phoenix is just in favor of anything that results in one - on - one attention? He kept wanting to get back in and do it all again.

Next was Midnight. Midnight is a scaredy cat. He fought me tooth and nail getting him into the tub, and once he was in, he just froze in total panic and sheer fright. Eventually, I got him done and all was well.

Pete was all excited about his turn and once he got in, he was actually relaxed enough to sit. But Pete has a touch of ADHD, and he started getting restless towards the end. In typical Peter dog style, that means he started to whimper and cry. He is such a baby !

Angel is the last of the "big dogs", but she only weighs 50 pounds. She is also the oldest, and she's been through this a time or two, so she knew what was coming. She is the only long hair dog we have and it just takes longer for her to be thoroughly washed and rinsed. She is actually the only one who tried to make an escape out of the tub. But I knew that she would, so I was ready.

When I got to Princess, my back was so sore from bending over the tub, that I just washed her in the sink. She truly objected not being allowed the privacy that the other dogs got, but she's small, very short haired, and it was over in a flash. Finally!!!

After I got all the wet towels to the laundry, and the floor wiped up, we all sat on a huge blanket on the floor in front of the space heater and got brushed out. This is the part that my dogs adore. They LOVE to be brushed. It really is just like Caesar says. Dogs live in the moment. Once they were out of the tub, they were back to their happy selves. They don't hold grudges. They think that being dried with a towel is a fun game, and we actually had a great time playing on the floor and getting brushed.

Once everyone was looking dapper, I went down stairs and brought up my coffee can full of used dryer sheets. I took a handful and wiped down each dog to remove all the static electricity from their squeaky clean fur, so that they wouldn't shock everyone when they got petted. During the winter time, when it's cold and dry, I keep my dryer sheets by the back door and rub them down when they come inside. It keeps them smelling fresh and clean and shock free. (It works on cats and people hair too.)

They are all so soft, and thankfully, exhausted ! In fact, so am I. I got them all done before the kids got home from school. It works better that way. Having the kids home just excites them too much. (both the kids and the dogs) I'm actually quite proud of my babies. They listened and behaved and I honestly think they feel SO much better.

I got the bathroom cleaned while they all napped, and then I took my own shower before Roy got home. He was so proud of me, he took me out to dinner. (Chinese) Unfortunately, the kids needed to be fed as well (all four of them) so we had to take them too. I got the waiter to seat the kids at a separate table, but it's still not the same. Oh well. Like I said, I'm exhausted, so I think I'll put myself to bed early tonight.

Good night all !

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Anonymous said...

HAHAH. The kids sat at a different table, that cracked me up.

Bart just got wet with the hose and now I think I'll get a towel and give him a rub down too, he does think that is a huge game as well.

Dogs -they are so funny ( but bad for backs) :)

Anonymous said...

We have a 75 pound Alaskan Malamute. They are extremely clean dogs so luckily we don't have to bathe her. Once in awhile she'll get one bath over the summer.

That reminds me I need to get her a tick collar. She is on a roll lately and keeps getting them on her head. :o(