Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Odd Tuesday

There are days when I am reminded how foolish it is to expect any kind of sane routine or rhythm to occur in my life. Today was one of those days.

I got up early to get the kids off to school, and found that Jacob was moping around. That's very unusual for him. Normally, Jake looks forward to going to school. However, last night, when he had his friends over, he became unusually quiet. In fact, while his friends socialized downstairs in the family room, he left them and came upstairs. Anti social behavior is just not part of Jake's personality, so I asked him if he and Chrissy had argued. He said, no, but he wasn't very convincing. Later that evening, he told me that Chrissy's mom said that they couldn't hang out after school for the rest of the week. He said that she didn't explain why, but he was convinced that Chrissy's mom didn't like him. Hmmm . . . I don't know if that's the whole story, but if it is, I'm pretty sure that I'll never know what Jake said, or did, to make her feel that way. Whatever the situation, it had Jake pretty upset because he didn't want to go to school this morning. Maybe, I'm a little too sympathetic to teenage drama, but I let him off the hook. Partly because he doesn't miss school very often, also because I was hoping that during his day at home, he might open up a little and talk to me about it. Eventually, he did talk to me, a little, in bits and pieces, but it all sounds kind of vague to me, and I'm not sure what to make of it. By the end of the day, he was acting more like his normal -abnormal - self. So for now, I'm just going to write it off to teenage weirdness. If it's more than that, it will all come out in the wash eventually.

When I went to wake Heather half an hour later, she was still struggling with cramps and a headache that began last night. At least that was something that I could understand. I probably should have given her a Tylenol and sent her to school, but I figured, what the hell, and let her stay home too.

Maybe it wasn't a very responsible "mom thing" to do, but letting them stay home just felt like the right thing to do, on both counts, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I DO feel a little frustrated by the timing of it though. I had really been looking forward to having my days (sans children) to myself again, so I could get some things accomplished, but I guess it all worked out okay. Today was an unexpectedly nice day in terms of weather, so I took advantage of it. I spent three hours walking my dogs, with their little doggie back packs filled with cans of vegetables strapped to their backs, so they were nice and worn out when we were done. I spent the rest of the day saying the word "walk," out loud, and instead of going bonkers with excitement, they just laid on the floor and rolled their eyes at me.

When Jake and Heather's friends got out of school, I had to inform them that, sadly, they couldn't come over to hang out because, Jake and Heather didn't go to school today. Then, because I'm so evil, I said,
"It's really too bad that you can't go outside today, it probably won't be this nice again until April or May . . . of next year."
If I had been repressing any guilt for letting them fake sick, it was chased away when they wailed,
"UGH !!! NO FAIR !!!!" in unison. As a mom, there are moments when you just can't help but smile.

Oh well, after walking five miles with the dogs, I'm finally feeling worn out too. I think I'll go put myself to bed and hope that the world doesn't conspire against me tomorrow. (of course, I won't hold my breath)
Good night.


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Anonymous said...

My middle son is finding social life a bit hard lately too! Since Monday..he has been awfully quiet and usually he bounces out with his best mate on his arm, but this week they've been avoiding each other and his mate looks nervous to see me.
I've only heard bits and pieces and what I can sneakily extract from him (like a Mum should!) and I can gather that they've had a big falling out over 'who plays with who' and all the boys are now divided into two teams.
It's hard to know - do I interfere and let the teacher know what is happening or do I let it run its course and hope that they'll just sort it out? I don't like to see my boy this sad.

Ah, parenting. HARD!!

Glad you did your exercise, I should be doing that too. But no, I sit on my bum far too much lately and I am really annoyed by it.


Anonymous said...

p.s but clearly not annoyed enough to actually DO anything. Hahah

just had to clarify my statement. :)

jasminharrington said...

So, it seems funny that all Heather has to do is whine about cramps and all Jake has to do is act... Well, normal to stay home from school. I remember as a freshman being tired and sick and pukey and telling you I thought I had mono. Your response "This better be the worse damn case of mono I have ever seen" When you took me to the doctor they told us I was pregnant. Geez! Even at 9 months I woke my ass up and went to school, everyday. So... i guess this is my way of saying NO FAIR! And yes I know because you have told me so many times... life is not fair.

Cat said...

I think our parenting styles match somewhat I have done this and never felt bad about it - figure they are gonna be gone more than half their lives from me - I I could squeeze out a little bit more time while I have em - then why not!

Auburn haired artist said...

Kate: Elementary school dramas can be viscious. They are so wrapped up in the social status thing. When they get to middle school/high school the world revolves around them and their little world. I don't know which is worse.

Jas: You want a day off for getting knocked up ?!! Apparently, you had already had one too many days off, which is how you GOT knocked up. (remember?) Okay, it was 15 years ago, and you're still keeping score, so I'll appologize. I'm sorry, I was a horribly unreasonable, unfair mom. The whole point of aging is so that we can learn. I am very old now, and I have learned many lessons. Thank you, for allowing me to make mistakes. It took me many years and many mistakes to figure out how to relax and enjoy my kids and the life that I have. I am just thankful that you are wiser than than I was. I love you and treasure you more than you know.

Cat: Thanks, you are my idol.

Anonymous said...

Love you pictures on here. That is quite a walk! I walked the dog at 10 tonight while it was pitch black out and freezing. Thank goodness LL Bean makes warm coats!

Auburn haired artist said...

Tracey: You are more devoted than I, I wait until the warmest part of the day to do my dog walking. LOL