Friday, December 19, 2008

One. more. week.

Hey there!

I'm feeling much better. Although, I really miss my vacuum. I was going to write an ode to my vacuum, but you know? Nothing rhymes with vacuum. I just do my best not to look at the floor, but it's really awful. Jennifer said that she had an extra vacuum that she would bring with her tomorrow evening. I hope she remembers, I'd better call her tomorrow and remind them.

Tomorrow night, we're having everyone over to paint Christmas ornaments. Nick called this evening and said that they will probably arrive early. They're looking for any excuse to get out of the house and away from Jennifer's family. They are NOT happy there. Even Jennifer was complaining about her family when they were over on Sunday. I wish I could let them come back, I really miss Nick, and sometimes, even Jennifer too. If I could trust him to stay clean and sober, I'd do it; but he gets home, starts feeling comfortable, and he's back to his old ways of dealing with life. I guess that's the trade off for having him sober - at least I hope he's staying sober. I know that Jen's folks wouldn't put up with him drinking and such, but in reality, they aren't the brightest bulbs in the box and they have no experience dealing with an addict. After all the time he's spent in Juvenile corrections, halfway houses, and rehabs, he knows how to pull the wool over almost any one's eyes. He has a million tricks - and I know them all. The thing is, It's not my job to be his probation officer, and it takes too much energy for me to try and stay one step ahead of him. It's not like I can stop him anyway, so maybe it's better if I don't know for sure. He has to be the one to make the hard choices and live with the consequences. I can't do it for him, and I can't protect him from himself.

Jake and Heather are in good spirits this evening. Today was their last day of school, and Christmas break has officially started. They don't have to go back until January 7th. (Lord, help me!) The boys mentioned that they are wanting to change the date of their party to this Saturday, instead of waiting until after Christmas. That really doesn't fit in well with my schedule, but it seems that I'm always the last one to know these things.

Well, I need to get myself to bed early tonight, I've got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. I think that Ana and Caleb are wanting to spend the night tomorrow, I haven't heard much from Jasmin lately, so I assume that is still the plan. UGH! there is just too much going on this week! I really hope that I survive.

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sparsely kate said...

Everybody that I know is saying the same thing; it's just getting crazier and crazier! every year we seem to do more and more...all building up to this big finale on New Years Eve.

my kids had their last day of school today as well! They don't go back to school now until February the 3rd!! It seems so long away.

I just took them out for a celebration dinner...and oh boy did we eat!
I'm going to roll off to bed soon xx

Anonymous said...

Honey not only will you survive you will
be ready to take on all the other thing life throws at you . because you are good
love you your big olbear