Monday, July 21, 2008

Demon Lover: Addiction

I can't sleep in our bed tonight
The scent of your lover is still there
Her stench oozes from your pores
and soils our sheets
You know, she'll bleed you dry
She won't be satisfied until you're
rotting in a dark grave all alone -
she won't lay by your side
I know, that you don't care

I thought, you would love me forever,
that I could take her place in your heart
There was a time, long, long ago,
you took a vow, you made a pledge,
that your heart, your mind, your body and soul
would be one with mine
It was a precious gift,
one that I cherished and loved
Your love, was my treasure
All that I had, and all that I needed

But you let her in
She ripped you away
and left me broken and bleeding

I called out to you,
but you didn't hear me
Her whispered lies are all you can hear
Now, I have no more words

I reached for you,
but you couldn't feel me
She's wrapped you in chains
And I've vanished like a ghost

I tried to be content
with the crumbs she left behind
but they were bitter and dry
And now, they are dust

All that I once treasured is gone
She says, what you want to hear
until your thoughts are twisted and distorted
Her touch, is like a legion of leeches
that numb your body to my love
Her kisses, are poison
that flows through your veins
Her desire, is to make you a corpse
that longs only for her

I've watched you as you sleep,
you dream only of her
When you wake,
you long to be in her arms
I lost you long ago
Love has been replaced with pain
Why do I stay?

1 howled back:

Anonymous said...

No body should just get the crumbs. Least of all you.

Sending you my thoughts and support and care... what a sad poem, but you wrote it so beautifully honest.

love mel