Thursday, July 24, 2008

A random observation on life with an addict

Alcohol and drug addicts are like little terrorist suicide bombers. They're out there, running around with bombs strapped to their bodies, screaming insane, delusional gibberish; thinking that they alone, are the only ones who understand the mysteries and horrors of the universe.
In reality, they are just self-focused individuals, who are so tangled up in their own pain and unhappiness, that they can't comprehend the legacy of destruction and chaos they leave behind.

3 howled back:

Anonymous said...

Pocket rockets of hell. And I guess the people around them take the heat from it all as well.

Hope you're doing ok!!

Auburn haired artist said...

Well, yeah, the whole point of walking around with a bomb strapped to your chest, is to take as many people down with you, as possible. The thing is, they are always SO surprised that others are pissed at them !!!

I don't think that senility is a part of old age - I think there are alot of old people who are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from raising kids.

Cat said...

This is so right on I got chills!