Friday, July 18, 2008


Whew! I keep forgetting how much energy three year olds have ! Especially my grandson, Caleb. I had both Ana and Caleb today, while Jasmin was at work. I was supposed to go to the doctor's this morning and do my yearly diabetes check, but when Jasmin called and was in need of a sitter, I decided that I really wasn't in a rush to see the doctor after all. Play with the kids, or get poked and jabbed? Hmm . . . that's a fairly easy choice for me.(It's okay, I rescheduled for Monday - I'm not as irresponsible as I sound.) Caleb gets so excited about coming to visit at Nanna's house. As far as Ana is concerned, I'm old news; she would much rather hang out with Heather. I guess from Caleb's perspective, Nanna's house is new and exciting, with lots to explore. Jasmin has a cat who, I think, is somewhat indifferent to the kids; but Nanna has not one dog, but five! And the dogs LOVE little people. Not only are little people fun to play with, but they are just the right height to steal snacks from. It's true, my dogs have no scruples when it comes to food, especially the pups. Good thing Nanna has lots of snacks.Anyway, we had a good time even though it was raining, off and on, all afternoon. So we didn't get to play in the wadding pool, or go to the playground, like I had hoped. Actually, Caleb did something he's never done for me before. When Heather and Ana put "The Spiderwick Chronicles" in the DVD player, he sat down and watched it with them. I've never been able to interest him in anything on T.V., not even cartoons. But it worked out well, I was able to get some housework done while he was under the goblin's spell.

Ever since Jasmin picked up the kids, I've done nothing but run all over town. Since I blew off cooking dinner, I had to run and get some sub sandwiches to feed my family. After dinner, I had to run Jake and Khris out to North Kansas City, MO, so they could spend the night with Christian, and go to World's of Fun with him tomorrow. (World's of Fun being the local amusement park- a lot like Six Flags?) Then, I had to walk the dogs a couple of miles, because the rain had finally stopped. Then, to the grocery store with Heather. It's 11:30 PM, and I'm just now getting a chance to sit, and have some time to myself.

All the while I've been running around like a maniac, my husband decided to crawl into bed and sleep, as soon as he was fed ! He volunteered to be "on call" for the last two weeks at work, so that we could get caught up on bills. I think it sort of kicked his butt. Tomorrow evening, he has plans to load up and go to the lake to fish - an overnight outing. Hopefully, that will give him a chance to relax and recharge himself. He's one of those people that has a strong spiritual connection with the water. For me, it's the forest. Just going for a walk in the woods, amid the trees, and green leafy things, calms my mind and spirit. We had planned to go to the New Dinner Theater for lunch and a play together on Sunday, with my mom, my brother and his wife; but I think that I'll take Heather instead. I'll just let Roy relax this weekend. Roy likes the food they serve, but getting dressed up, sitting through a play, and making small talk with my family . . . he could probably do without that part. That's cool. Heather is probably feeling a little left out this weekend, with Jake going to Worlds of Fun with his friends, she could use a little something new and special, besides, I think she'll enjoy it.

Well, I need to get myself off to bed. I've got a million things to get done tomorrow, and I'm exhausted. Good night all.


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Anonymous said...

Even I forget how much energy a three year old has! sometimes I think I couldn't' look after a young child again..I'm too tired and they are SO much more work than the ages I've got now.

I hope you all get a chance to renew your batteries!! The forest is beautiful..just being out in nature is very special isnt' it.

Hope you got a good sleep after all that running about,

love mel

Cat said...

I spent yesterday with my nephews one is 6 and one is 8 at the pool and then the park and then playing SORRY ( I lost - go figure!) and then - dinner and finally it was over and I slept so good last night! they wore me out!