Thursday, July 17, 2008

Journey to the Bottom of my Handbag.

Okay, I know, two posts in one day !? Yup, I'm working hard to distract myself from impending doom. (see last post ) I am in SO MUCH trouble ! I wonder if my men will stand by me, the way I have stood by them, through their court issues? Hmmm . . .it will be interesting to see.

As I promised Kate, this is my hand bag meme. It was sort of an adventure. You wouldn't believe the stuff I found in there, way at the bottom. Sorry, most of that stuff is top secret - and a little bit gross - can't reveal it. Alright, Here we go.

This is my current handbag. It's an old one, but I love it for the summer months. As you will note - KATE - my keys are clipped to the side of my purse so that they don't get lost ! Also, right now, my bag is sporting a lovely button that reads: "There is no such thing as an Edward overdose." Referring to the immortal Edward Cullen from the Twilight book series. Heather and I have plans to attend the Midnight release party of the fourth, and final, book in the series at our local Borders bookstore. Heather is very excited. She has been wearing her button proudly pinned to her shirt for the past week. I'll have to let you know how that goes.

This is my Oh, so chic, cosmetics bag. As you might note, it's sadly lacking in chic cosmetics. With the exception of one tube of lip gloss and two pots of clear lip moisturizer, the rest is junk like barrettes, band-aids, Tylenol, ( a sure tip off that I'm a mom) and an engraved mirror compact. (A Christmas gift from one of my former preschool students.) It says: "Ms. Susan - Number One Teacher." That kid was a total suck up.

Another one of my must - haves in my purse, is my eyeglass case. I carry both my bi-focals, and my sunglasses, at all times. Being near sighted, I am lost without them both.

The next item was a discovery from the depths of my bottomless bag. I had no idea that I had been carrying around a roll of un-developed film. Furthermore, I have no idea what is on it, nor how old it is. One of these days, I'll get it developed and wonder what the hell I was thinking !

This is an item that goes EVERYWHERE with me. It's currently sitting on the desk beside me; but when I leave the house, I un-clip my keys, and replace them with this. It's my handy - dandy, combination cigarette case/cell phone holder ! (How exciting is this ?!)

This last item is one that I just put in my bag last night, in anticipation of my upcoming visit to the Edwardsville Traffic Court. This envelope contains my current car registration and my proof of car insurance - all legal and in order, I might add. Although, I doubt they will be of much help when I go before the "hanging judge." I am SO screwed.
Okay, I think that's it. Thanks, Kate, this was a little scary, but lots of fun!
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, this gave me immense joy, haha. I love that you carry a cigarette and a mobile phone holder around, one object for two uses. I get excited about those sorts of things too.
And WELL DONE on the key ring clasp with your keys..I would never have thought to do that. (Well der, obviously, since I never did find my car keys)

I've got to find those books that you and Heather are talking so much about...a book company just sent me a whole series (about thirty books worth!) of a fantasy series.
it's called Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda. Have you heard of it? I'll get around to reading it.

take care and I am thinking of you and wishing you well with that court case. Hold your head up high and smile nicely!
love melx

Cat said...

Oh this was fun to read - you and I are alike in that we carry no makeup but for lipstick!