Thursday, July 17, 2008

No horizontal stripes for me !

Well, it appears that I am still a free woman. I went to court this evening and spoke to the prosecuting attorney. I was completely honest with him. He said that if I come back on Oct. 9th, and show that I have kept my insurance paid up for four months, he will amend my ticket. Of course, I'll still have to pay the $ 300.00 fine, but it won't go on my record, and I'll be done with the whole thing. Since Edwardsville is a small town, they are very willing to negotiate. It works out good for me, but of course, I know that there is something in it for them too. (like the city gets to keep the $300.00, instead of the State of Kansas ? Hence, the amended charges.) It seems like every contact that I have with the court system leaves me feeling more certain that our courts are NOT about justice, but money. I have to say, for a tiny little town, I was amazed at how many people were scheduled to be arraigned; and almost all of them, had the very same charges as me. I openly admit that I was guilty, but I still have to wonder who is in charge of thinking up these little scams that can result in so MANY people being hauled into court. Seriously, I counted 100 chairs in the court room, and there was at least 40 more people, lined up outside the court room ! Even more interesting, they didn't even want to discuss the reason that they originally pulled me over for. They are going to dismiss those charges! Law and justice ? Ha! It's all just a money making business - at my expense.

Okay, enough ranting. Last night, I finally sat down with my hubby and asked him, seriously, if I could go back to school when the kids did. Without a moment of hesitation, he said,
"Sure, if that's what you want to do. It's the very least that you deserve. You've earned it a hundred times over."
What a guy, Huh? At first, I felt very pleased and very spoiled. Now that I have to make decisions, and get enrolled, and actually DO it, I'm feeling a tad bit nervous. I still want to go back to school, but I'm feeling so . . . old and inadequate. Oh my gosh, you don't suppose that this is all part of his evil scheme, do you ? A little reverse psychology to manipulate me into changing my mind about the whole thing - Thus, rendering me trapped and helpless as his little house wifey, and sexual play thing? Oh God, more decisions !! Damn ! I have to stop all this thinking - it's making my head hurt.

Well, I have to get myself off to bed. Jasmin is bringing my my grand kids over at 9 am tomorrow, and I need to get up early and walk the dogs before they get here. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

Yep, those voices are fears and that self-sabotage chip that wants to keep you at home doing not much and watching life pass by. You know how close I am to my particular self-sabotage chip! I'm working everyday to get rid of it. Hey, I've been to uni classes with 60 year olds...they love it and they've got a world of knowledge to give.
I hope I'm still doing courses at 65! It keeps you young!!

I can't wait to hear what you enrol in and what you'd like to do.

Oh I'm glad you got out of that jail cell...:) and $300 bucks is a shitty thing but hey, it keeps you out of more trouble and I'm glad for that.

Have a great time with your grandkiddies, I'm catching up with my mum today too.

love mel xx

Cat said...

Susan - Go back to school! Do it do it do it! I have been taking college courses now for the past two years and I love it and I love school and I still have not decided what I wanna be when I am done! I am so excited for you and your guy is right you deserve it!