Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doctors and Family Dramas

Okay, I'm back. The last couple of days have been pretty busy. I finally ran out of excuses for not going to the doctor's office for my yearly check up. (sigh) Unfortunately, my doctor has a talent for turning one appointment into several. So I just decided to get a bunch of appointments out of the way all at once. Monday, was check up and lab work. Tuesday, was have your boobs squooshed in an mammography machine day; (or whatever they're called.) Also, a visit to the pharmacy to get 6 prescriptions filled. (because the Doc changed everything around - again)Friday, I'm going to see Jasmin and get my hair done. Next Wednesday is the optometrist, and Friday, is Pap smear day. (whoo-hoo!) If I can work the Dentist in there somewhere, I'll be done for the whole year !!! I just want to get this crap over with. I'm already sick of being poked, and jabbed, being asked to recount my entire medical history, not to mention all the insurance paperwork.

Now, on to the really interesting stuff. The latest Asylum scandal. Big surprise, it involves my oldest son. The whole thing is just so crazy and complicated, try to keep up, okay?
Alright, I have to give a little background for this, pay attention.

As you know, my house has ALWAYS been the hang-out spot for teens, it started 15 years ago, when Jasmin was a teenager. Jasmin was a bit of a wild child, so we decided early on, that the best way to keep an eye on her, and know who she was hanging out with, was to have the kids at our house. We got to know a lot of really great kids. One of them was Shawn, who became the father of my grandson, Christian. (what can I say? You can't watch them ALL the time!) Anyway, Shawn is a great guy, and our family has a great relationship with him. Also Jake and Christian have grown up together, (Christian is only 11 months older than Jake) and they're good friends. So, we often attend family get togethers at Shawn's house.

Earlier this month, Shawn had a huge 4th of July Party at his house. We went, and Nick came too. Over the course of the evening, Nick happened to catch the eye of Shawn's 18 year old niece, Jennifer. (Shawn's-sister's-daughter.) They exchanged numbers, and started seeing each other. Jennifer is a really nice girl. (she doesn't drink and she doesn't use drugs) However, she tends to be a bit obsessive when it comes to relationships, and she is absolutely crazy about Nick. Nick is well aware that he is an alcoholic/addict, and as much as he wants a relationship, he's really not ready for one at this point in his life. If Nick had a reasonable amount of clean and sober time under his belt, it might be different; but right now, his drinking is out of control. He likes Jennifer, and he says that he has explained this to her. But Jennifer is young, idealistic, and she thinks that she's in love. She thinks that she's going to "save" him, and she has no idea what a mess she's getting into.
Needless to say, this has a lot of people concerned - her parents especially. Even though they are not "technically" related, and they are both "technically" adults, it's still kind of a sticky situation. Our family, Shawn's family, and Jasmin's family, have always managed to maintain a good relationship, and no one wants to see that change. Hell, Shawn has known Nick since he was 6 years old, he taught him how to skateboard.
When I last saw Nick, on Monday, he told me that he thought he had finally made it clear to Jennifer that they were NOT "a couple" and they should just be "friends." ( even though I'm sure it's too late to just be friends) This made me feel a little better because, Jennifer's parents had finally become concerned enough to call Shawn and get the facts on Nick's history, and ask him to talk with Jennifer. That was on Monday. This morning, Nick called his dad to tell him that Jennifer was moving in with him and his room mate. (two bedroom apartment) Apparently, Jennifer's parent's gave her an ultimatum about dating Nick, and she called their bluff. Everyone is freaking out. Jasmin went to talk with Nick and Jennifer this evening. Nick, of course, was too smashed to reason with, so that was a big waste of time; and Shawn, who is a U.S.Marine, has plans to pay Nick a visit tomorrow. Oh God, what a mess. I'm just waiting for Jennifer's parents to call me.

Wouldn't it be nice, if kids magically grew up when they turned 18? Well, it's late and I need to get some sleep. I'm sure there's more to come as this drama unfolds. Good night all, say a prayer for me. (that my head doesn't explode)


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Anonymous said...


It's like a roller coaster ride! Oh gosh, young girls and their crushes are pretty full on.

Your family is so interesting. My kids don't do much but go to school and upset other children. We haven't got to upsetting other adults yet!!

Oh, I know I shouldn't laugh but I am a bit from over here. Hang in there and keep smiling!
And good to know you are doing all the medical checks, very smart!

love mel