Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There's no place like Home

Hey !

I'm back! I spent most of last night catching up on everyones' blog. I have really missed you guys!

Okay, here's the scoop on what's been happening in my life. Roy was only off work for a couple of weeks. He got a great job working for a company that has lots of commercial accounts and plenty of work to keep him as busy as I want. (ha-ha) I think he really likes it too. Once he got back to work, he took advantage of his boss's offer for overtime, and we just decided to get a bunch of bills caught up before we reconnected "luxury" items like Internet and cable. That was hard. I had to keep reminding myself that they ARE luxuries, and NOT necessities. Anyway, I can't believe how much less stressed life is without a lot of unpaid bills hanging over our heads. I think that people get so used to owing somebody money, that they just don't realise what a toll it takes on them. It just feels like a huge burden has been lifted - I like it. Now, I guess the trick is to STAY caught up and debt free. I'm not too sure how that's going to work out . . .

Let's see, what else is new? About a month ago, one of Nick's friends from work was in need of a room mate, and he asked Nick to move in. So far, that arrangement has been working out pretty well. My house is a little less chaotic, and Nick is feeling a lot better about himself, and life in general, now that he has some independence. Of course, that doesn't keep a mom from worrying, but I guess it's all part of life - so it's good.

Summer has finally arrived here in the heartland; although, so far it's been unusually mild this year. Jake and Heather are taking full advantage of it, staying busy with friends , and just generally having fun. (what bliss!) I really thought it would be a nightmare having them home all day, without Internet and T.V., but I guess when the chips are down, kids can always fall back on instincts. Surprisingly, it only took them a couple of days to come to terms with the fact that the T.V. and computer screens were going to remain dark - no matter how many buttons they punched. (Seriously, they were like a bunch of lab monkeys, punching buttons in frustration, in hopes of getting a treat !) But then, as if by magic, they woke up on day three, put on their clothes, and went outside! I honestly can't remember the last time I heard the words: "I'm bored" out of either of them !! Over the last couple of months, their skin has taken on a warm, almost life like, glow! They actually engage in conversations with real people, in face to face exchanges! And strangest of all, they have actually developed (gasp!) interests in outdoor activities !!! Heather, has discovered that she loves to go fishing with her dad; and Jake, well he is still skate boarding, but at least he hasn't broken any new bones.

I think that we have finally decided that Heather will go back to public school this fall. So, I'm starting to gear up for that, and figure out what exactly I should do with myself. I'm sort of leaning towards going back to school too. Nothing major, just a few art classes. I'm hoping that being around other people with similar interests will inspire me, and maybe, give me a little direction and clarity regarding opportunities, and where I want to eventually go with my interests. Wow, that sounds like a mouthful of total bull shit, but I really think that there is a certain logic to it - somewhere. Maybe, I just want a reason and motivation to actually focus on something that is just for me ? I think that's the part that I'm struggling with the most. It feels so selfish. (not to mention cliche.) Anyway, I have to think about it some more, and see how things continue to work out, financially. I have no doubt that I will figure out a way to keep myself busy regardless. I'm just not the kind of person who can remain idle. The problem is, I don't want to fill up my days with "busy work" - it's pointless. I want to do something that has some kind of value - to someone.

Well, It's getting late and I need to get myself to bed. I want to get up and do my outdoors chores before it gets to warm tomorrow. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear things are going well across the plain at your place.

It sounds like things are really starting to fall into place and com together for a lot of folks recently... always a good thing!

Hope to get another post up this week myself.. time is hard to come by lately, but it's a nice busy I've had!


Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have you back!

will write to you when I get over my train-sickness nausea :)

love mel x