Thursday, July 17, 2008

Traffic Court Anxiety

Oh my, I'm feeling a tad bit rough today. I don't know if it's anxiety, allergies, or if I'm just turning into an old woman. I'm feeling exhausted, and jittery, at the same time (how does that happen?) and I've been feeling nauseous, on and off, for the past three days. Ugh! I don't know, it may have something to do with the fact that I have to go to traffic court this evening.

It's been years and years since I've got a ticket - and I'm not too happy about this one.
Back at the end of May, I was out in Edwardsville helping Jasmin move. About 10 PM, I was on my way home, and noticed that before I even got out of city limits, I had passed two police officers writing tickets on the main drag. Little did I know, and I didn't find out about this until recently, Edwardsville has just just gone through a major small town scandal. Some official was caught "fixing" traffic tickets, and they are now on a crusade to prove what an honest city they are, by setting all kinds of traps to catch people making all sorts of infractions, and then, being absurdly hard on them.
Jasmin told me that one of her friends was given a citation because her dog got loose and tore into a neighbor's trash - she was given a big fine, and ONE YEAR PROBATION !!
Even Jasmin has had some experience with their looney toons police department. Several policemen showed up at her house, and grilled her over having some old limbs in the back of her pick up truck that was parked in front of her house. (she had just tore down a rotted deck and done some yard work at her house) They were "investigating" a case of illegal dumping of old limbs and scrap wood down by the river. The cops were just ridiculously hard assed about the whole thing. Actually going so far as to threaten arresting her in front of her kids!
So anyway, seconds after I passed the second police officer, I looked in my rear veiw mirror to see a set of flashing blue lights following ME! I immediately pulled over, and was informed that I failed to change lanes when I passed him a block or so back. (while he was, obviously, writing a FAKE ticket ! The whole thing was a set up ! A sneaky little trap !)
But wait, it gets worse. He asked to see my insurance and registration. Bad news for me. My insurance was expired, and I had yet to transfer the tags from the old mini van, to the new mini van. (that I bought . . . Uh, 6 months ago -oops.) He gave me a long lecture about having 30 DAYS to transfer tags. All I could do was look remorseful and apologize. I almost told him: 'Sorry, I just didn't really think I would get caught!' Which would have been closer to the truth. I was really feeling kind of put out about being pulled over in the first place. The cop had plenty of room. They were on the shoulder of the road, which is a FULL lane and a half wide! He had his lights on, but he was just casually chatting with the driver of the car - probably one of his police buddies. I didn't change lanes, because they had tons of space. But of course, I didn't say all that to him. Nor did I mention the three OTHER cars, that didn't change lanes while he was writing ME tickets.
So, he finally wrote me a ticket for Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle - which SOUNDS like I was involved in some kind of high speed pursuit with him! And another ticket for Failure to Provide Insurance, and another, for Improper Tags. Then, he told me I was lucky that he didn't have my car impounded. Of course, in a normal traffic court, all of those tickets would cost me a fortune. I have no idea what they will do to me in Edwardsville! I'm hoping that they don't put me on death row, or just shoot me on the spot.

Okay, I think I'm done bitching and whinging now. I need to get moving and get something done around here. Maybe, I can distract myself from worrying. Wish me luck tonight . . .


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Anonymous said...

OH those frikkin nasty blowrimming arseholes! I am so cross!

You are lucky you shushed and didn't say anything. I think I would have argued and whined and got narky and probably thrown in jail. So I'm glad you were all serene and quiet about it!!

This sucks though, the way they are being so anally tight. Ridiculous. No wonder most people think cops are pig trotters.

:0 stay calm!