Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A couple of lazy days

I have totally, and completely, frittered my day away, today. I really didn't do much better yesterday either. By the way, I woke up feeling much better on Monday; thanks for all the well wishes, they must have done the trick.

Unfortunately, my children decided that they needed a day off as well. Heather complained of allergies as well on Monday. (although, I didn't notice any evidence of symptoms) And Jacob developed the same complaints last night. (after he discovered that Heather got a day at home for hers.) So, this Morning, I woke up to find that Roy had allowed BOTH kids to stay home today. My husband is the biggest pushover. If the kids say, "I don't feel good', he lets them stay home - no questions asked. Then he goes off to work and leaves me to explain things when the school calls. Which is why I have to get back to a morning routine. I was doing good for a while, until this weekend threw me off track . Anyway, I informed them both that they WILL be going to school in the morning because, I WILL get up and make sure it happens. Bunch of little fakers and their co-conspirator father . . .

I have to admit, having the kids at home has been the perfect excuse for me to do the bare minimum around here. There really isn't much point in trying, as long as they are camped out on the couch with their pillows and blankets, watching cartoons and music videos. So I've spent most of the last couple of days sketching, and just hanging out with them. It's been nice, but enough is enough. At this rate, we are ALL going to be up to our eyeballs in 'make up work' for the rest of the week. The world has no tolerance for slackers, *SIGH*

I think that I am just about done with our Halloween preparations. All that's left is to buy the candy for the trick or treaters, and go to the meat market for a few random body parts and internal organs. There is one more prop that I'd like to put together, but it'll wait until this weekend, I think.

I'm already starting to sketch out some designs and plans for next year's projects. I'm really excited about having some pre-planned projects that I'll have plenty of time to work on. lot of them involve working with mediums that I've never worked with before; like making the new headstones, that may take a bit of experimentation to figure out. I'll be working with styrofoam and carving with a Dremel drill. Maybe Santa will bring me some new tools for Christmas?

I enjoy being creative, but I have always been a little shy and nervous about working with new materials. (unless it seems really simple, of course) But while working on our home haunt this year, out of necessity, I did some sculpting to adapt a project for what I needed. I surprised myself, and really enjoyed it. Originally, I had just planned on enrolling in a few drawing and painting classes at the community college this winter; now, I'm giving serious consideration to adding some sculpting and metal work classes as well. Maybe, there was a reason for me not enrolling this Fall? If I had, I probably wouldn't have had time to put together this Halloween project. Maybe, I needed this little project to restart my creative juices and build some confidence ? I've always been a firm believer in that some of the things that we see as disappointments, happen for a reason; and that all things work together for a purpose.

Anyway, I need to get to bed at a decent hour tonight, so that I can make good on the threats to my children.

Good night.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You know, Susan, Alex and I have lazy days every day. Of course, our hours are strange and we have no spouses or children so we enjoy complete freedom—at least the cat does. Alex is, at the moment, curled up catnapping on my desk, having already had breakfast, induced me to give him some catnip, and spent 20 minutes catting around outside.

I am so glad that the cat doesn’t have to go to school!

Cat said...

Body parts and organs - ACK! Oh my Susan you are so good at this haunting thing !!!!