Sunday, October 5, 2008

Working weekend

Hey there,

I'm feeling kind of . . . exhausted. Roy and I have spent the weekend working on the haunt. I finished my sign on Friday, and on Saturday, I built a coffin, finished Crazy Daisy, and Roy hung the sign and added some more electrical outside. I think that I am done outside - until Halloween night. Today, we started focusing on the Asylum. (the inside of the garage.)

I also had a very ugly discussion with Nick and Jennifer. Ugly, because I had to tell him a lot of facts that he just didn't want to hear. It's funny how when you live with an addict, you end up tip toeing around, doing your best to not say or do the wrong thing, something that will make things worse. I think, because it maybe a tiny and insignificant thing, but it seems like it's the only control we have. Life with an addict can be so crazy, we grasp at any straw we can find that makes us feel even a little bit sane and normal. Things have gotten so desperate with Nick that this morning, I just decided to quit grasping and try to focus on just "floating on faith." So, the words were ugly, but they were true, and that felt good. Shit, it might even work. O'course, I've already made a mental note not to hold my breath. We'll see. Always have to wait and see for everything.
Okay, I've still got a bunch of stuff to do. I took some photos of Crazy Daisy and the sign. These will be the last photos until Halloween. I have to leave some things as a surprise.

This is our Asylum sign. It looks really awesome with the lights on, but it really doesn't photograph well.

This is Crazy Daisy. She stands next to the clock tower and greets our victims - uh . . . I mean, guests.
Okay, gotta go. I've got to get busy cleaning up the post weekend Chaos. Thankfully, Jake and Heather, and their entourage, spent most of this weekend at Jasmin's house attending Christian's Birthday party. (I wasn't invited - cool teenagers only!) Hope you all had a glorious weekend.
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

Hey you! Just caught up on the last two posts...hey I'm so sorry things have gone a bit shitty round your house with your boy and your health.
Hang in there! Sunshine days will come again (allergy free!).

Take care and I'll be checking in on you with an email tomorrow.
love me xxx

Cat said...

How much fun the whole decorating thing has got to be!! And good for your for your open -communication on the addiction thing - that was brave but it was the right thing to do! Cat