Sunday, October 19, 2008


Okay, all the NEW photos are on my Haunt blog. (here) I added them to the last post, so you'll have to scan down (past yesterday's post) to see the new ones. I wanted to keep them all on one post, so as not to confuse Roy's poker buddies. (I realise that you guys all saw the photos on Friday's post, on my blog.) Any way, check it out, okay? I don't know what the deal is, every time I post a bunch of photos, I end up with a shit load of blank space at the bottom. I think it's because I download them then, shuffle them around. I don't know how to get rid of the blank space, so try to bear with me and my technological stupidity - Sorry.

BTW, I don't know ANYONE at - they just showed up. I have no clue what's up with that. LOL But, if y'all read this blog - My son, Nick, would like to work for you . . .he likes to tear shit up - and he's good at it too.

Okay, It's been a long day, without much sleep, so I'm gonna tuck myself in to bed now.

Love Ya,

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Anonymous said...

I would never call you technologically stupid - I just think sometimes blogger is tricky, complicated and difficult. :)

I laughed about all those construction bloke names on your haunted blog. I hope Nick gets a job out of it!!