Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am SO evil.


It's almost 4:00AM and I'm sitting here having a giggling fit. I've been taking advantage of the quiet this evening, and I've been working on one of my last Halloween props. It's a patient for the asylum. She's . . .uh . . . NOT hugely attractive. She's kind of elderly looking with a white curly wig and, of course, she's dead. I finished painting her head after Roy went to bed. Jake, and one of his best buddies, Patrick, and I, decided to name her Edna. Anyway, everyone has gone to bed and I was thinking of doing the same. As I was cleaning up, I was looking at Edna, and it suddenly occurred to me how hilarious it would be if I put Edna's head into bed with my husband, with her head on my pillow, facing his direction. I could make a little noise that might cause him to stir, and see if my husband screams like a little girl. Best of all, he has spent most of his day with Nick, watching crazy, twisted Rob Zombie Movies.

You know, about 17 years ago, I remember him playing a similar trick on Jasmin. She woke one Halloween morning to find a Bloody cow's leg bone in bed next to her. I wasn't home, But I can imagine the screams. Turn about would be fair play, don't you think? Oh my gosh, it would be so funny to see his reaction! However, there are a couple things that keep me from following through with my plan. 1.) My husband isn't 13 years old, and he just might have a heart attack. 2.) Everyone is asleep, and I don't have a video camera with night vision. Damn ! So . . . all I can do is sit here letting my imagination run wild, and giggle my ass off.

Oh well. I'm going to finish cleaning up and put myself to bed. Hopefully, I won't wake my hubby with my giggles.

Good night.



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Anonymous said...

Hahah! But yes I agree, he might actually have a heart attack..I think I would :) Or at the very least have to change my underpants. Twice.

You ARE evil and quite naughty. This prank reminds me of when I lived in a flat with another girl...and she had this pommy backpacker dude who would come over and hang around at our place. We sat up late drinking and talking and as I went to bed sometime after midnight my eyes kind of fixated on a figure standing outside my balcony window. They'd put a store mannequin dressed in my flat mate's dressing gown outside my window hoping to scared the beejeesus out of me. Didnt' work though! I'd had far too much alcohol in my system for a response, I just stared dumbly at it until I realised it was plastic.

Anyhoo - pranks are always worth a giggle. Just not if they involve anyone over the age of 35. :)

jasminharrington said...

So, I would really appreciae you paying him back BUT it would be funnier to do to Jake, Patrick or Heather

Auburn haired artist said...

I really considered sneaking in on Jake and Patrick, but jake wakes up at the drop of a pin, and you never know what crap he's left all over his bedroom floor. It would just be hilarious if I broke an ankle trying to scare the crap out of him. ha - ha.

Cat said...

ROFL!!! Oh that is evil! But turn about is fair play! LOL

Anonymous said...

You have a warped mind like me. Sounds like something I would do. I like that!