Thursday, October 9, 2008

It doesn't take much . . .

Hmmmm . . . I'm feeling a little frustrated right now. This day is NOT working out as I had planned. I did get up and get Heather to school on time, except after she was out the door, I decided to lay back down in bed. (you know, just to warm my little piggies under the blankets?)

Well, damn it, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost noon! What the Hell is with that?! I may be old and decrepit, but my body doesn't need THAT much sleep!

When I woke up and wandered into the kitchen, I found that Jennifer was home, again. Same story as yesterday, apparently, Labor Ready doesn't have a lot of openings for "princess positions." I don't mean to sound bitter. I really DO like her, she's a sweet girl - I'm just feeling frustrated lately, and I guess I have to take it out on someone.

Anyway, I had made a note to myself to call the court house in Edwardsville today. I am supposed to return tonight and show them receipts for three months of insurance payments so that they can amend my ticket and get all this legal crap over and done with. The problem is, in a little town like Edwardsville, they only have traffic court once a month. And while I have kept current with my insurance payments, I only have two (not three) months of receipts because, my October payment isn't due until the 20th. So I called to see if we could reschedule my court date until next month, so that I don't make a trip for nothing. I figured that this would be a simple chore and I could be on and about with my regularly scheduled activities - Right? Wrong! They have a new district attorney (for all I know, they rotate lawyers to fill the position of District Attorney on a regular basis in a Podunk little town like that) and of course, the "new District Attorney" (who is actually just a local lawyer) is out of the office. I left a message with my request/question and I am still sitting here, two hours later, waiting for a return call. You know, most lawyers have Secretaries, and cell phones, for situations like this - what the hell is their problem? The reality is, I could be sitting here ALL DAY waiting to hear back, and STILL end up having to show up in court tonight, so that I can explain the situation to them - again - and who knows what they will decide to do? This whole thing could drag on forever! In the meantime, my day is screwed. Okay, I know that the whole thing sounds petty, but I really despise lawyers and the whole legal system. DAMN the man !!! People wonder why our society is screwed up - spend a little time dealing with these people, and it all starts to make sense ! It's NOT all neat and tidy like it is on TV. Most of these people are complete morons.

Ugh ! Okay, take a deep breath. I'm getting myself all worked up here. I suppose I could be doing some things around the house in the meantime, but that's just "busy work" and I'd rather be walking the dogs, or out of the house. And sure as shit, the minute I walk out the door, the phone will ring. Okay, enough ! Even busy work is better than this disgraceful, and juvenile, display of frustration. I'm just blowing off steam here. I need to do something. Maybe, I'll call my husband at work, and cry on his shoulder ? Pfft! He's not likely to be much comfort. Okay, I'm going to go vacuum something, or re-organize a closet, or some such bullshit. If they don't call soon, you'll probably find me scrubbing the bathroom.

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Cat said...

Ya know over the past year having to deal with my husbands court appearances and legal issues I totally understand where you are coming from - it can be infuriating - now dont stay up too late tonight or you will sleep tommorrow away as well - Oh and if you happen to know of any princess positions opening up be sure and shoot me a mail!
(hugs!) Cat

Anonymous said...

Do what I do! Bake a cake, put a movie on then sit on my bum and zone out. :)

oh, I guess that's where half of my problems come from though. Scrubbing the bath does sound more sensible.

hang in there, life is full of that sort of bullshit.

Auburn haired artist said...

Cat and Kate: You know, I knew that I could count on the two of you to understand and be sympathetic. When I called my hubby, he just grumbled about having to instal a thermostat, and blah,dee,blah,blah.