Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need a bigger, better button !

Hey there,

Y'all may, or may not, have noticed that I have been MIA the past few days - We have had some er, Technical Difficulties with our Internet/phone/cable. (like I ran out of money to pay the bill, and they ran out of good will to keep me connected.) But I paid them today, and did my best to at least seem appropriately apologetic, and all seems forgiven. Well, at least they pressed the little button somewhere, and gave me back my connections.

You know, there was a time, when the only button we worried about being pressed was "The Button". The button kept in some highly secret, triple secured, area that would "change the world as we knew it". Now days, there are far too many people, with their fingers ready to press all manner of buttons, that can change our lives as we know it. Now, everyone has a button! Shit, I want a button too !! I don't even need an 'off' button, most days, I'd be happy just to have a 'volume' button. (Or a 'mute' button - that would be nice) All I have is a lousy button that gives me an extra 7 minutes of sleep. It's not enough ! Oh hell, let's face it, I'm far too irresponsible for a real button - I manage to screw things up with the damn snooze button.

Oh well. Amazingly, not a hell of a lot happened over the few days while I was cut off from the Internet world. My kids have been home - out of school for parent teacher conferences. It seems that public school teachers need two whole days, just to figure out what my kids have been doing for the past 9 weeks, and how to break the news to me. I think it would be a lot more interesting if I were to tell them, what my kids say and do at home. I went to Heather's parent - teacher conference on Thursday. Heather has all A's and one B, and apparently, no behavior problems to speak of. Not a big surprise to me. However, Heather came home from school last week, and informed me that her Teacher had burst into tears in the middle of class because, 'they (her class) just don't listen to her!' I spent most of the 20 minute conference looking at this calm , composed, and professional, woman, and trying to imagine her in hysterical, frustrated, tears over a bunch of kids that won't listen. The whole time, I kept thinking,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all this shit about my daughter, maybe we should talk about your issues? It's okay. You want to know how many times I've locked myself in the bathroom and cried because they won't listen to me?!"

I didn't even go to Jake's conference. Partly because I spent all of Friday waiting for an incompetent plumber to show up and fix our main drain. (who never did show up) Also because, I already knew what his teacher's will say. Junior high school conferences are more time consuming than elementary school. I have to meet with 6 different teachers and try to comfort them ALL as they cry. Then, I have to make a bunch of promises that I know my son won't keep. It's all very repetitive and pointless. So I decided to skip the middle man this year, and just give Jake his quarterly lecture and restriction of privileges. I don't need the added stress of meeting with his teachers.

Well, I didn't want to do this yet, but ever since I set up our home haunt blog, my hubby has been on line with his poker buddies bragging about all the stuff we are doing this year. He's so cute, every time he adds a new light or buzzer to his mad scientists lab equipment, he calls over all the neighborhood kids to show them. He just doesn't understand the concept of surprise. He keeps asking me when I am going to post the new photos onto the blog? I told him ,

"the day after Halloween." Then, he says nothing.

He asked again tonight, and I said,

"Why? Do you want me to post them now?" He gave me this exasperated look and said,

"Yeah, everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to post the new photos !"

So . . . Even though everything is not finished yet, I guess I have to make my hubby happy. I'm going to post the photos that I have, and tomorrow, I'll take photos of the stuff we have done this week, and add them tomorrow night. This will just be a temporary post until after Halloween, when I'll put them all together in a slide show. So, if you want a sneak peek, check here Saturday afternoon. I guess I'll just keep adding as we go.

Oh my Gosh !!! I am sitting here at 1:45 AM. Everyone is asleep, including my dogs, sprawled all over the living room furniture. All of a sudden, I heard a thump at the front window. I look up, and the neighborhood evil cat is peering through the front window at me! She must have clawed her way up haunter's robe and sat on his head to peer in at us. I bit my lip trying not to respond and thus, alert my dogs; but it was too late, they were all on the back of the couch, bumping their noses on the glass, and raising Cain in a matter of seconds!! Too funny ! The cat just gazed at them with a bored expression, swished her tail, and hoped down. Now, they're pissed - they HATE that cat !!! O'course, I won't be very happy either, if I find out she has shredded my prop. (Still, I sort of wish I could have been outside with my camera, to get a photo of this crazy cat sitting on top of big scary haunter's head.) Well, I guess I better go comfort my dogs before they wake the whole house.

Good night, and have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday, Mel !!!!



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Cat said...

Susan - I too have been in that button situation where the money ran out and so did their kindness - and with the economy in the toilet these days that will most likely hit me more often -

As for teacher conferences - I hear ya!!!!

I am glad your back - Happy weekend to you! Cat

Anonymous said...

Ah, the power of knowing the right button. Wouldn't it be nice?!

Great post and yeah I'll go check out your pictures in a sec, I've been wondering about the progress :)

Thank you for my bday wishes, you know, I did have a wonderful day yesterday with my children and my parents, and the dinner was SO nice... it's just my way to concentrate on the worst part of the evening by writing blog posts about it :)
But I had a wonderful day.

Hope you are all well and happy xxx

jasminharrington said...

You need an easy button. Christian and Jason talked about getting one to clean Calebs room!

Sherry said...

Don't worry Susan I'm not going to look at the pics of your haunt. I want to be surprised. I will see you on Halloween. Talk to ya later!