Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Sunday 3/30/08

Sunday, March 30th, 2008
A day without Internet . . . is alot like this :

Oh my gosh, it's Sunday morning. Well, it's not really
morning anymore, I slept through that. It's more
like . . . .12:15 pm. I slept until 11:45 am, because I
was up with the girls until 3 am. That's my excuse,
and I'm sticking to it.

Until a few moments ago, my hubby was upstairs
sleeping too.He woke up at a normal hour, but went
back to bed because he has his Sunday morning
headache. He always gets a headache on Sunday.
I went upstairs to wake him up because I was lonely.
When he naps, he pulls a t-shirt out of his dresser
drawer, and wraps it around his head and eyes.
I peeled the t-shirt off his eyes, and told him that he
looks like a terrorist sleeping in my bed. I'm
not really the sort of girl who would allow that sort of
thing, but because he's my hubby, I let him get away
with it. So now, he is here in the living room, playing a
race car video game. He's thinks he's Speed Racer, or
something. He's really just a big kid; but again, because
he's my hubby, I let him get away with
that too. There are alot of priveliges that go along
with being my personal stud muffin.

Jake is up at the skate park. He is actually the
reason that I got out of bed at 11:45. My kids are
always poking their heads into my bed- room and
telling me things while I am sleeping. They know
that moms can carry on a full, and semi coherent
conversation, even while they are asleep. I've even
been known to win arguments while I
am still asleep. Being a mother is a strange
and unnatural state of existance. I've often wondered
what I will do when my kids are grown and have lives
of their own. I think that I will have to go down to the
social services agency and see if they will loan out
some very disturbed foster children to me. Kids with
ADHD, or OCD, or PMS, or any combination of letters.
I love kids like that.

Heather and Alexis just got out of bed, and have
wandered down- stairs to the living room. They are
plotting to take the PS2 away from dad so that they
can play Time Splitters 2. It will be interesting
to see how that works out. Since they are females,
and my husband is easily manipulated by a pair of sad
eyes, and a pouty mouth, I doubt there will be bloodshed.

Well, have carpets to vacuum, and I have laundry to
wash, dry, and fold. So I had better get up and get busy.
Okay, it's now 10:30 pm on Sunday. I know that
when you last heard from me, I said that I was going
to go get busy. Well, it didn't work out that way.
I actually got up, and went outside to play with my
dogs. They chased the ball around until they wore
themselves out. When I came inside, I felt an over
powering urge to regurgitate my two slices of toast
that I ate for breakfast. In order to fight off my body's
rebellion, I went back to bed, and laid very, very
still. This usually works for me. My husband however,
gave me a very concerned look, and some much needed
extra attention. So . . . I decided to go with that instead.
I figured that the world wouldn't fall apart if I took a day
off. So with my dogs at my feet, to my side, and a couple
under the bed, I snuggled down to play sick. Of course,
I really wasn't playing, but it wasn't as bad as I let Roy
beleive either.

So after my thoughtful hubby made sure that I had
everything that I might possibly need, he told the kids
to not bother me. (which means, don't try to have
conversations with her while she is asleep.) Then,
he went over to Jasmin and Jason's house to watch
the KU game on Jason's gianormous big screen T.V.
For a while, I tried to figure out what might be the
reason for my sudden nausea. I hadn't felt that way
since I was pregnant with Heather . . .NAH, couldn't be.

I tried to push that thought from my mind, but I kept
remembering the last time that my doctor x-rayed
my abdomen. It was about five years after Heather
was born. He was checking to see if I had passed my
most reccent kidney stone. When he came back into
the exam room, he said,
" I have an odd question for you. You said that you
had a tubal ligation about five years ago, right?"
I nodded.
"Then, why is only one of your tubes tied ?"
I looked at him and said, "Uh . . . that's not funny. . . "
I jumped off the exam table and followed him to the
light box in the other room. We both peered at the
x-ray, and sure enough, we could clearly see that the
left ovarian tube was severed and clamped, but the
right tube seemed to be missing the clamp-thingy.
Although, we did finally observe that the right tube
was cut, and he admitted that the x-ray might just be
a bad angle to show whether a clamp had been used.
Anyway, I pretty much put it out of my mind after
that. It's been 11 years, and no babies, so I think I'm
pretty safe.

Besides, I am 100% certain that I am NOT pregant !
But just considering the idea must have exhausted me,
because I fell asleep shortly after that, and didn't wake up
until almost 5:30 pm. When I woke up, my faux morning
sickness was gone, and my two youngest children were
downstairs bickering with each other over some stupid
thing. I could hear words like, "stupid", and "shut up",
and "make me !", and " I know you are, but what
am I?" drifting up the stairs. I turned on the
bedroom T.V. to drown them out. The T.V. came on,
tuned to the station that Roy was watching before he
left. An excited sportscastor informed me that the game
was over, and KU was in the big four! Whoopie.

Since Roy would be on his way home soon, and my
kids were acting like a couple of toddlers, I thought
I had better get up and do something - FINALLY.
I switched over the laundry, started a new load, and
folded the dry load. I cleaned up the living room and
kichen, which were disasters. Filled the dishwasher with
all the dishes strewn about, and turned it on. I gathered up
all the CDs and empty pop cans, and vacuumed
the rug - all before Roy came home and announced
that he was starving. I told him that I still didn't want
to think about food yet, so he and the kids ate chili dogs
while I settled for a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Then,
I fed the dogs and cleaned up the kitchen - again.

Roy and Jake have just gone to bed, and Heather has just
finished up her weekend home work, which always gets
done at the last possible minute. She will be in bed
soon and then, it will just be me and the dogs. Even if
I could sleep, there isn't much point in trying.
Thunderstorms are supposed to begin rumbling into our
area at midnight, and I won't get much sleep with Peter
curled up ontop of me, a leaf in a high wind.
So, I think I will do the last couple of loads of laundry,
prepare for school on Monday, and do my
best to comfort Pete, while I keep an eye out for
tornadoes. Hopefully, we will have the internet, cable,
and telephone back on by next weekend. Things are
starting to pick up for Roy at work, and we are all just
about as bored as we can get.
(as I am sure, this entry illustrates.)
I really miss chatting with my internet
Hope that everyone is doing well,
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

Just as I was reading about your two teenagers bickering like children I heard my three children bickering like, well, children.


There was a "STOP!" and a "SHUT-UP!" and a "GET OFF A ME" and a "STOP DOING THAT"

And that was just the 5 yr old. When there is my girl involved the language just gets all the more 'richer'

I just love catching up on all your's so good to have you back.

Auburn haired artist said...

See ther kids are still kids, and motherhood is still crazy, even on the otherside of the world ! That's good to know. I think?