Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Hey there !

Well, I have officially started my Spring cleaning today. In spite of the fact that it doesn't feel much like spring. Today has been cold, windy, and if you can believe it, we actually got some fairly heavy snowfall this morning ! Of course, it's just barely cold enough for snow, and it all melted the moment it hit the ground. It's just that looking out the window this morning felt so . . . defeating. I was about to get all pouty and insolent about the situation; but then, I looked over at my 13 year old son, who is spending his weekend being grounded, and I thought better of it. Stamping my feet, and throwing a temper tantrum worthy of a 5 year old, probably wouldn't be the best example to set for him. So, instead, I decided to put that energy to use cleaning. Although, doing spring cleaning is really just my way of being rebellious - as if I could defy mother nature by refusing to acknowledge it.

Normally, I would start at the top of the house and work my way down. However, Since Jake has the attic bedroom, I decided to skip his room, and move to the next level, which is the master bedroom. (Doing Jake and Heather's room is an all day thing that requires lots of patience - I wasn't quite feeling that rebellious.) I give the master bedroom a weekly dusting and vacuuming that I usually only takes about 30 minutes, but today, I spent almost 4 hours doing a thorough cleaning. (moving furniture, etc.) By the time I was done, the snow had stopped, and I had managed to put my frustration and energy to good use. Final results are below. (you can click on the photos to enlarge)

I had just finished up when Roy came home and decided to take a nap. He kicked his shoes off onto the floor, threw his hat on the night stand, emptied all the random change, screws, and wire nuts from his pockets all over the tables, Threw his work shirt in the general direction of the laundry hamper, and pulled the blankets over his head, and then . . . the dogs attacked him. Needless to say, the room didn't stay looking like this for long. I knew that when I took the photos, documentation might come in handy. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the next room, and by the time I'm done with that, I doubt I'll be able to recognise the bedroom. Oh well, that's the story of my life - one step forward, two steps backwards.
I know . . . you're probably wondering: How does she stand all the excitement, and why can't my life be as thrilling as hers? Well, you know, I've always been kind of "special. "
Unfortunately, this has been the extent of my reckless and stimulating day. Of course, you have to realise, that this is just the first step of my evil plan to manipulate the weather. For each of the next 7 days, I will spring clean a new room. By the time that I finish cleaning the garage, I'll be able to throw the door open, and the sun will be shinning, and the air will be fresh and warm, and VOILA ! Spring will have arrived ! A new season wouldn't DARE hide from me after I have invested a full week of spring cleaning ! Am I clever, or what?! Once I have fully mastered control of the seasons, the next step is, naturally, world domination !!! But don't worry, I'll remember my friends. Everyone else, is in serious trouble.
Well, it's getting late, and I should probably get myself off to bed. So much to plan, so many details, so much to do !
Love y'all,

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mel said...

Oh, you've got great stuff! I love your furniture, it's lovely. Curses to Roy for messing it up!!
When I do a house clean I am really mean and horrid to everybody for about a day. No one is allowed to eat infront of the tv, no one is allowed to wear shoes in my house, no one is allowed to move or alter ANY thing in the home, and the dog is not allowed in. It lasts exactly one day. Then we all go back to how it usually is and so the cycle repeats :)

Hope your sunny weather comes soon...over here the sunshine is poking through lots of clouds.

love mel

Auburn haired artist said...

We are supposed to gradually work our way up to about 27 C by Thursday. I'm hoping that it's the begining of some good weather !