Monday, April 21, 2008

Thunder and Cannon fire

Civil war re-enactment @ Mahaffie Farmstead and Stage Coach Stop.

Hey !

It's me again. Well, the rains finally arrived. We are in the midst of a major down pour right now. Poor Pete, he's having a rough couple of days. Even though yesterday was sunny and dry,
Yesterday, we were awakened to rounds of gunfire, as well as cannon shots. (As far as Pete is concerned, Cannon fire, gunshot, thunder - they're all the same.) We have mornings like that about 3 or 4 times a year. Around here, that's a sure sign that spring has arrived. We live only a block from an historical site known as Mahaffie Farmstead and Stage Coach Stop. It dates back to 1858, and it's the last remaining actual stage coach stop along the Santa Fe Trail. Several weekends a year, from April through September, life around here becomes very interesting. Mahaffie hosts civil war re-enactments, wild west days, festivals, craft shows, and even baseball games that are all done in full authentic historical dress and weaponry. No one bats an eye to see people dressed in civil war uniforms gathered at the gas station on the corner, or carrying Pizza Hut pizzas on horse back to an authentic civil war camp located at the park behind our house. When I took the dogs on their walks yesterday, they had their first encounters with these odd people, and with horses, as they were stabled in the parking lot.

In other news:
I feel like I've been incredibly lazy today. I did the school thing, I got some of the laundry done, cooked dinner, did dishes, fed the dogs, so it's not like I didn't do anything at all - it's just no where near what I planned on accomplishing, nor what needed to be done. About halfway into the day, I realised that all my grand plans were being challenged by my spring allergies. I am SO in denial about all my human frailties. Every year, I greet the change of seasons with open arms and excitement . . . until my body rudely reminds me of what I must endure before I am worthy of enjoying all the pleasures that go along with Spring and Fall. SUCKS. Again, I'm whinging. They could be so much worse. So far, I'm just feeling kind of itchy and lethargic; hopefully, it will end there. Of course, it would probably help if I didn't behave with such reckless abandon every time the sun came out, or the temps start to hover around 60 or 70 degrees. ( 16-22 C.) If I didn't throw the doors and windows open during the day, last night, I slept with the window open all night, and if I didn't spend every possible minute outside soaking in the sun. But, what would be the point in doing all those sensible things? You know me, I'm a certified resident of La-La land. So I guess, I probably deserve it.
Nick was moved back to Olathe today so that he can be released next Monday. He was really hoping that he would get to stay in Ottawa County until the last few days. He has visitation tomorrow evening, Thursday morning, and Saturday evening; So I will go, and listen to him complain about how the time is absolutely dragging on. Nick really isn't the kind of person who complains a lot, but there really isn't anything else for him to do.
Well, there really isn't much else that's news. Our down pour was brief, and it seems to be over and done with now, so I think I'll toddle off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

That's so funny about the dress ups and re-enactments! For me, it would be interesting and wonderful, but I can see for you it would be - oh hear we go again!

So Kansas....was that on the Confederate side or the Yankee side?? I don't know my American Civil war history at all I'm afraid. We always focused on China at school, heheh.

So Nick is back in town and soon he'll be at home again, I bet he can't wait to have freedom. It's been a long time huh.

I hope you get your sunshine and you take the medicines that will help with the allergies! :)

love mel

Catherine said...

Its nice to meet another friend from la La Land! I think that the whole re-enactment thing sounds like fun and coming from a city girl just being around horses and fresh air would work nicely for me! I loved the pictures!