Monday, April 14, 2008

Give me a break.

Hey there,

Another Sunday night. I have no idea what happens to the weekends. Why do they just zip right by me? I decided to take a day off from my spring cleaning. (I know, I barely got started !) I think I just needed a day to relax and unwind a bit. So after my shower this morning, I ran a comb through my hair, threw on my overalls and a long sleeved Henley shirt, and called it good enough. That's right, Au natural.

I've spent most of the day puttering around the kitchen. Thankfully, my sugar cravings seem to have run their course, and I'm feeling a lot less anxious and frantic. I made a pot roast with lots of multi -colored veggies, and settled for chilled, unsweetened, pineapple for desert. (Instead of the cheesecake that I made for everyone else.)

After dinner, Jake and I went to go visit my mom. Nick had sent a letter for her that I needed to deliver. Mom has been playing around with her new printer that she got for Christmas, and she wanted to show off some photos of my niece's new baby that she printed off.

Afterwards, we stopped by Jasmin's house, to pick up Jake's skateboard that he left there, and to see Jasmin's new cat. She is a lovely white cat with beautiful green eyes, named Blanca. Jasmin went to Dallas, Texas last week with some friends for a marketing thingy, and she brought me back a really cool shirt, and a turquoise crucifix. I just LOVE presents !!!

For the past 6 days, Jake has been stuck in the house (except for school) and I think he needed to get out almost as much as I did. He chattered away as he raided Grandma's candy dish, and he had a few minutes to spend with Christian at Jasmin's house. He's supposed to be grounded until Tuesday, but I cut him some slack this evening. When we got the Internet back on, I found an email from his World History teacher, and he has managed to bring his grade up to an acceptable level. I figure that even a pyro needs to be rewarded for good deeds.

We got home around 10 PM, and everyone toddled off to bed by 10:15. So it's just me, the dogs, and the computer. As I'm typing this, I'm having a late night snack of baby carrot sticks that I'm sharing with the dogs. I can't believe that Peter is so spoiled, he refuses to eat carrots without ranch dip !!! That's just pathetic. I'm really pissed off at Princess. She has been such a bitch lately. The other day, Pete was trying to get her to play, and she bit him on the end of his tender little nose !! (she actually drew blood and left a scar !) Apparently, she's doing her best to live up to her name. Just a minute ago, she insisted that I give her a carrot stick, even though she doesn't like them. She took her carrot off and is guarding it ! She won't eat it, but she won't let any of the big dogs near it either ! So I took it from her - HA ! I don't know what I am going to do with this miniature Bully. I have never tolerated food aggression, or any type of violence with my dogs. She has always been "The instigator" of the group, but I just can't believe that this tiny little demon thinks she can push around four dogs, that are four times her size !! That's a lot of crap, I'm not gonna let her get away with that ! (creepy little mutt!)

Well, it's late, I'm going to get myself off to bed.

Have a great week everyone !


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Anonymous said...

Princess sounds so naughty...interesting but naughty! I can picture several of her female human counterparts quite easily in my head, mainly from high school!!

Even pyros need a break. hahahha. I'm glad Jake got to leave his bedroom :) I've sent one of mine to theirs..for 3 hours. I wonder if it will last.

oh, another day starts again. School holiday number 2.