Monday, April 28, 2008



Well, I stayed up all night, and just as I was about to call the jail to check on the status of Nick's release, Nick called me. As it turned out, the city of Raytown doesn't want my son, they mostly just want his money - which is what I figured. So I drove out to pick him up. We cruised past McDonald for breakfast, and Nick wolfed down two breakfast burritos before we got home. He is SO happy to be home again. Almost as happy as Pete was. Nick was out of the car and running for the front door, almost before I parked in the driveway. Before I could gather my stuff and get out of the car, I could hear the welcoming barks from inside the house. Nick is absolutely crazy about Pete. (and I'm pretty sure Pete feels the same about him.) It was total chaos as five dogs attacked him all at once, jumping, barking, and slobbering everywhere. I couldn't even walk through the living room. When things finally settled down a bit, the rest of the family woke up and straggled down the stairs, one by one. First Dad, then Jake, and finally Heather. I got Jake off to school, Heather went back to bed, and around 8AM, Roy took Nick with him to do some installs at work.

The house was suddenly quiet. I looked around at the dogs who hadn't had that much early morning excitement since Christmas. They were all snoozing away in their own patches of sunshine flooding through the living room windows. I went upstairs, looked at myself in the mirror, and almost fell over. I looked like death warmed over, and I knew that if I didn't get some sleep, it would only get worse. So, I climbed back into bed for a few hours sleep.

Around Noon, the dogs informed me that they needed to go outside to bark at people and generally create the afternoon chaos, that they have perfected to an art. I really tried to crawl back into bed, but the phone started ringing, the guys came home, and Jasmin showed up with her kids. Jas insisted that we all go to her house for a bar-be-que.

I ran her out about 4:30, explaining that if we were all going to her house, I really had to get the dogs out for their walks and get them fed otherwise, we might not have a house to come home to. Nick volunteered to help me walk the dogs, which should have helped, but as usual, Nick had about 20 times more energy than me. Even though we accomplished the task in record time, I was exhausted when we got done!

I felt like a zombie for most of the evening at Jasmin and Jason's, but I was so hungry, that I ate TWO burgers and a plate full of starches. They were really tasty starches, but it probably wasn't the smartest choice. I didn't care.

Since we got home at 9:30, I've been sitting on the couch like a catatonic lump. I think it's nighty-night time for me. Hopefully, I will wake up tomorrow feeling like a normal person. Nick has plans to apply for some jobs , so maybe Heather and I can get some work done. I don't really want to think about it right now. I just wanted to let y'all know how things went today, and that my family is all together again, for now.
I'm shutting things down and going to dream land. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to hear this. Fantastic! Hope you caught up on your much needed sleep and tomorrow is a wonderful day. xx

jasmin said...

I do throw one hell of a BBQ!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a joyous homecoming!

And the new burst of energy is quite certain to be a delight for the entire household in many ways if properly milked for all it's worth.

Hope all is going and goes well!


Auburn haired artist said...

Jasmin- Yes you do throw a great BBQ, plan on coming to my house this Sunday for a big meal !

Kate - Finally got caught up on my sleep, but I still don't want to work ! So everything is back to "normal."

C - Channeling Nick's energy has always been a challenge, but it keeps things "interesting" around here.

Oswald said...
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Catherine said...

AH that is excellent news - COngrats on the homecoming! get some sleep with everyone you have to take care of - you need your rest!