Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moms just wanna have fun too !

* I wrote this last night, I just forgot to post it, too much attitude, I guess.

HI !

I'm being very bad today. And you know what ? I don't care. I've got tons of school stuff that I should be doing, I've got tons of laundry that I'm ignoring. This has been a beautiful day, yet I haven't taken the dogs out. - I just feel oddly indifferent about that. I didn't do the dishes today, and I didn't vacuum the rug either, and no one has even noticed.

You want to know why? Because I didn't feel like it. I'm sick of doing all that crap. I'm sick and tired of being so responsible! I don't want to be a grown up, I want to have FUN!! I want to be silly, and play, and laugh my ass off. I honestly can't remember the last time I did that. Can you ?

So I am feeling very rebellious, but also a little bit sad too. I could easily throw a temper tantrum, because of the sheer unfairness of it all. Why does being grown up have to suck so much ?! I am absolutely bored of doing the same old crap.

Thankfully, Caleb is coming to hang out with me tomorrow . . . maybe. Unless it rains. If it rains, Jason won't have to work, and he will keep Caleb at home with him. Caleb just turned three, and fun is all that he cares about. Well, M&M's are important too.

Anyway, I need to get myself off to bed. It's better than sitting here pouting. *SIGH*

Good night,

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Anonymous said...

I feel quite indifferent to my lack of movement and motivation on a daily basis it feels like lately, so I can relate!! some days it is ok to say a big fat 'who cares?!'. You know we don't stay in that frame of my ALL the time ( well, your first post proves that theory correct)

I find a funny movie makes me laugh - I watch the British version of 'The Office' and I crack up. Just got to find something that tickles your fancy. Steve Martin or John Candy films are always wonderful too aren't they?

love ya,


Auburn haired artist said...

Oh there is always someone doing something hilariously stupid around here that I can laugh at. (of course, usually it's ME !) I think I'm just missing all that spontaneous fun that we used to have. I could go for a Saturday morning with all the kids piled into mom and Dad's bed, watching cartoons and eating donuts. Or maybe just some time alone with my hubby - without all the concerns of day-to-day life hanging over our heads. But, the kids are too big to fit into our bed anymore, and life doesn't seem to ease up for anyone . . . maybe, I just need to go out and get drunk ?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hurray for you, Susan!