Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday Night

Hi -

I started my day in a really crappy mood. I don't know why, and since I am a woman, I don't really need a reason. But then, this evening, Jasmin came by to drop off Ana. (who is spending the night.) Jasmin and Caleb decided to stay and hang out, while Jas sewed clips into some hair extensions for clients tomorrow. There's just something about having all my kids together - it always seems to turn into a party. Jake and his friend came home from their school dance, and things got really wild. Jake comes up with the funniest stuff, and when you put him and Jasmin together - they are hysterical. So I finally got my evening of fun. I was kind of missing Christian and Nick, and my hubby spent most of the evening with his head in an on line poker game, but it was good, it was what I needed.

I need to plan something for when Nick gets home. Maybe a big dinner, or some thing like that. It would be nice, if it would quit raining long enough, to BBQ in the back yard. I really need a bigger house, or at least something more open. I've actually got alot of space here, but everything is so divided, and I am sick of stairs. It will be better when it gets, and stays, warm enough to get this jungle of plants back outside. Still, I should probably get my self into house hunting mode again. I'm just really doubtful that I'll be able to find what we need, for the price we can afford. :(

Oh, since Mel has been posting some updated photos, I realised that the few photos I have are kind of old and sucky. So I made Jasmin, (and Roy, and Jake and Heather) take some new photos of me this evening. Unlike Mel, looking at me does NOT guarantee that you will have any idea who you are dealing with. Well, it's late, and I need to run these girls off to bed, and pick up the house a bit. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

Love the photos, you also look wonderful and happy (despite cranky moods which I have all the time too but still manage to look like I just got back from a resort- all smiley and joyful)

Hey! I think we've got the same microwave!

Auburn haired artist said...

I bet my microwave is dirtier than yours ! I've been such a lazy cook lately, it seems like the poor decrepit thing is all I use any more!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful Friday conclusion indeed!!

I used Friday to drive all of 6 hours for a weekend escape ... to Atlanta. Of course, I can't just simply take and enjoy the weekend all fun filled or anything. I'm looking at this area as a possible place to move to. SO, sometime today, I've to do a cost of living comparison and see what the rental market is like around here.

Although, that's sort of fun too. I like looking at property and houses. Maybe I need to take a week to go out to Kansas and find you a place to move to!

Hopefully, I'll be in my own place with an internet connection...and back around regular like.

with love,

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for the photos, Susan. They (and you) are neat.