Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunny Days

I have been such a busy, busy little girl today. When I woke up to discover that the sun had returned, I just got all excited and full of energy. I got on line to check the weather forecast, and decided that it's (FINALLY) safe to move all my house plants outside ! (well, all but a dozen or so, anyway.) It took me almost four hours to get them all moved, and arranged in a spots that will make them happy.

Now my back deck looks like a jungle. But that's okay, my back yard is sort of my little refuge during the summer months. I love to go out there in the mornings to sit and gather my thoughts before the day begins. Then, in the evenings, the whole family likes go sit under the stars and relax. Sometimes, Roy will build a fire in the BBQ, and the kids will roast marshmallows, or make s'mores.

I was going to take a picture to post, but I got distracted by the huge dust filled spaces that the plants left inside the house. It's absolutely unbelievable how much dust my house gathers! So I stared cleaning and rearranging things inside to fill in the gaps. My house seems so strange and bare with all this space, but I also feel like I have a little more room to move, and that makes me happier. By the time I took a break and looked at the clock, it was after 6 PM and I still hadn't gotten the dogs out for their walks, or started dinner. I tried to do both at he same time, but that didn't work out too well. Roy finally had to pitch in and take Midnight out so that I could cook. I think it was around 9 PM when we finally got fed !

As I was cleaning up, Jasmin stopped by to visit with her friend Shawna. Jas had written a blog about Shawna, and I commented that I had yet to meet her, so they decided to stop by on their way to crash a prom party. I can hardly wait to hear how that goes! I guess girls will be girls. They just can't stay away from the prom thing.

Jacob has gone to spend the night with one of his friends, Roy has already gone off to bed, and I think that Heather has crashed out too. (she and Ana were up until 5 AM last night) So, things are very quiet here right now, even the dogs are zonked out on the couches and chairs, dead to the world, with their little tails wrapped around their noses, or their paws in the air, and in Pete's case, his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Silence is such a lovely sound.

Nick called this evening. He's doing well, although, he only has 7 days until he comes home, and he's feeling restless and anxious. He will be released at 5:30 AM on Monday, the 28th. I think he asked me three times if I would be there to pick him up. He really worries that he has been forgotten . I think that is a common struggle for people that are incarcerated. Even though they are surrounded by other people, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, they feel isolated and alone, because they are so cut off from the real world. I think I'll wait about a week to have his little homecoming party. Unfortunately, experience has shown me, that no matter how badly he wants to get back home and return to a "normal" life, the first few days will be difficult for him. I noticed the same thing with Roy. It takes a few days to feel like a normal person again. He is always very quiet, almost overwhelmed, for a while; So I try to keep things around here very low-keyed for the first couple of days. It's really very sad.

I can hear my hubby talking in his sleep. He's up there just chatting away to somebody. Sometimes, I think he has more to say when he's asleep, that when hes awake. Well, at least the stuff he says when he's asleep is funnier. The thing is, if I ask him about it in the morning, he never remembers even having any dreams.

Well, Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm again. I'm going to try and get some more yard work done before the rains return on Monday.
Good night.


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Anonymous said...

that was a busy are so good to be able to keep greenery alive and well. I really need some lessons. My lavender plants? dead as doornails. I keep throwing water on them every so often in the hope they'll just 'spring up' again, but nothing happens.

I look forward to hearing how Nick goes, is that the end of all his 'trouble' with the law? Like - he's not due to go back in for anything else?
Oh I hope not. I hope he gets a true shot at living a life. He's so young.

Anyhoo, I just ate some pizza for breakfast and now my reflux is playing up. Nice!


love mel

Anonymous said...


just came across a blog I think you will like
I just thought you of when I found it. :)

Auburn haired artist said...

Nick still has one other court date, at the end of May, that he has a diversion on. But, they just want money. He should have some time to get most of it together before his court date. Of course, everything still hinges on if he can stay straight.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Have a good week, Susan. I am sure you are all looking forward to Nick’s return.