Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dazed and Confused

I am SO confused ! Since the kids were off School Friday for end of Quarter, I have no idea what day it is! Friday, felt like Saturday; Saturday, (today) felt like Sunday, I'm afraid to go to sleep, because I have no idea what to expect when I wake up !!

At least, so far, my weekend has been pretty good. Friday, I think, Roy got off work early, and he actually volunteered to go to the grocery store with me!! Jake had a couple of friends spend the night on Thursday, so he was overnight at their house on Friday. Which means after our outing to the grocery store, things were actually quiet enough for Roy and I to watch a movie !

This evening, Roy and I sneaked off, without the kids, to go visit my mother and go to dinner with her. That was nice too. Jake is spending the night at Christian's house this evening, so Roy and I got to work on our haunt together tonight. Hmm . . . I could learn to get used to this - we don't usually get much time together. It's sort of got me to thinking . . . one of these days, my kids just might grow up! Nah, What the hell am I thinkin'? That won't ever happen ! Not MY kids !

My youngest son informed me today, that he and one of his friends got kicked out of the local grocery store. Apparently, he and his friend got bored and wandered down to the grocery store to hang out. They both got themselves carts, and wandered through the isles filling them up with the silliest things they could find; Boxes of tampons, home pregnancy tests, underwear, etc. As they strolled through the store, giggling at their silliness, they were approached by the manager, who asked them if they actually intended to purchase 20 boxes of tampons? When they told him that left their charge cards at home, he asked them to leave. They offered to put the items back, but he said it was probably best if they just went home. All I could do was roll my eyes as he told me this. 14 year old boys shouldn't be allowed out of the house. (at least not without a shock collar)

Other than that, Nick is doing well - working and staying sober. (7 days and counting) Jennifer starts her new job on Monday. She applied for and got, a second part time job at the local movie theater. All she has to do is figure out how to schedule her hours for both jobs - we'll see how that goes.

Well, I need to go get myself to bed so I can get up at a decent hour. I hope you all enjoy your weekend !
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey things sound so nice around your place, I'm glad to read it...

I used to do silly stuff like that when I was a teenager..though not to that extent! we used to pick out old granny underwear and swim suits and polyster pants and pretend we were going to buy it and at the last minute put it back laughing at our 'hilarity and wit'.

kids are revolting, really.

jasminharrington said...

Do you remember when Nick took the styrofoam deer that people use for archery target to the store and requested that people buy more beef as they walked into the store! LOL They are hiliarious!

Cat said...

ROFL!!!! I am with ya on thet 14 yo boy stuff HA!

Sherry said...

I was with Nick when he had that deer at Dillons. He had the head and the rear and was walking around the parking lot asking people if they wanted a piece of ass or some head. It was hilarious. Then he started rolling through the store on his stomach on his skate board that's when they kicked him out. Good times!