Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's 10AM and I'm sitting here trying to get woke up. I stayed up late last night, and slept in this morning. I didn't mean to do either one. I got sucked into the internet last night, looking up mausoleum photos for my cemetery. Very cool stuff - and surprisingly inexpensive! If I ever win the lotto, I'm getting one, and having it built in under a giant Maple tree, in a lovely old cemetery.
Anyway, I was up until 2 AM, and Roy must have shut off my alarm this morning. He has a habit of doing that. We have a wonderful old alarm clock that is loud enough (and annoying enough) to wake the dead. ( which means, it's one of the few sounds I won't sleep through) It also has a feature that allows two wake up settings, instead of just one. Unfortunately, my husband has a habit of hitting both off switches when he gets up (at the horrendous hour of 5AM) because, he hates the sound, and doesn't want to risk hearing it twice. Of course, he has the ability to actually get out of bed, instead of going back to sleep, like I would.
Since I find myself alone in the house this morning, I assume that my family didn't need me to get themselves where they all need to be. They really are much better at the morning thing than I am. All my men take after their father, and they wake up bright eyed and ready to conquer the world. Heather, is more like me, we despise the rising sun. But to be honest, the guys are better at getting her up and moving than I am. When I wake her up, we usually end up bickering and fighting because, we are both feel the same way about getting out of bed. Roy and Jake have the patience and good spirits to deal with her. The only thing they really need me for, is make sure they walk out the door with their heads attached, and their flies zipped. If I sleep in, they get so busy chatting and being happy, (UGH!) that they walk out the door without a clue what they need to take, or even checking the calendar. It's my job to sit at the kitchen table, (smoking a cigarette, drinking a diet coke, and grumbling) and remind them to take their homework, get their permission slips signed, take their tools and back packs (that I laid by the door the night before) and remind them what is planned for their day. Even half asleep, I have more organizational skills than the three of them combined.
I don't really feel like a human being until they are all out the door, and I turn off the T.V.s and radios, and and get my shower.

Today, I am feeling totally lost. Not only did I sleep in, but the sky is dark and gloomy, like it's going to pour down rain any second. So, I don't dare take the dogs out for their walks. Nick started back to work yesterday, so I got caught up on all my housework, and I've only got a few, little, things to do today. I was supposed to take Nick to court today at 2PM, but Jennifer is taking off work early to take him. It's just a first appearance to set an actual court date, but the two of them will be back here early. I need to sit down with the two of them and have a little chat. Jennifer showed up last night and spent the night. She also brought a shit load of things, clothes and stuff. I have a funny feeling that she plans on moving back in. That's not going to work. Her new job is in Liberty, MO. - which is a 45 minute, to an hour, drive away from here. She will go broke driving back and forth, and She can NOT quit her job and sit around here in her pajamas all day long at my house. (while Nick works to pay his lawyer, and WE support the two of them) Right now, Nick's future is too undecided for them to be making plans. I guess that's my job for today - to deal with the two of them. This whole thing is starting to piss me off.

I guess I better get off this computer and get myself moving.


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Anonymous said...

That is a funny day - sleeping in and then the sky going all gloomy and dark. You'd feel a bit out of sorts!

Could you go back to bed and nap some more :)) I think I could handle doing that.

Good luck with the 'talk with Jennifer..she sounds like she can't breathe without Nick, I do remember feeling that way over boys when I was 13 and 14, not in my twenties though! Sigh.
Maybe we are just old and bitter?