Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, the fun just never ends around here. Nick called me Friday morning and apologised for being a jerk the night before. He was finally sober enough to tell me his situation. He has very little memory of the events of his arrest, but he remembers being taken down by the police officer. In the process, he ended up with several scratches on his face, and at some point during his time in the holding cell, he spit out the the majority of the broken wires in his mouth that held his jaw together He was in pain, and having a hard time keeping his jaw still, especially when he slept.

What angered me more than anything, is that the jail had done nothing for him! I don't blame the police. The police have to do their job. If some crazy drug addict with a broken jaw decides to act like an ass, they have to handle it any way they can. But by the time Nick got to the jail, it was obvious that he needed medical attention - and they did nothing! They could have transported him to a hospital, or they do have medical personnel at the jail. At the very least, they could have had a nurse look at him, or given him an ice pack, even a Tylenol ! I have no doubt that he was behaving like a jerk, but I suspect that their reasons for ignoring him were based on money, and not his behavior. (having a jaw wired shut isn't cheap. Nicks hospital bill was 37 thousand dollars! I'm sure that having it re-wired won't be cheap either.)

I talked with Roy and we decided that the best thing to do, might be to bail him out, and get him some medical attention. At least with a bail bond, I can revoke it, and send him back to jail, if he acts up. I made sure that he understood that. So far, he's been behaving himself. He is holding his jaw shut with rubber bands until the doctor can see him on Monday.

Nick seems to be willing to go to rehab, but the judge set his court date for August 20th, which is unusually soon. So, I'm not sure how all this is going to work out. I would like to see his jaw healed, and the wires off, before he serves any time. It would be great if he could spend that healing time in rehab, but I don't know if they will allow that much continuance time. We'll just have to see how it goes.

I suspect things are going to be pretty hectic for a while around here. Right now, I'm too tired to think about it much. I'm going to bed.
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

You were looking forward to having a bit of a peaceful household when your two youngest when to school and now..hmmm, maybe not!!

Like I always say, "If it's not raining it's pouring"
or something like that :)
I'm terrible with phrases.

Sending you guys some sunshine!
hang in there just like that cat off a tree branch haha.