Monday, August 18, 2008

Young love is creepy and gross.

Okay, Tomorrow marks the first full week of School. No more of this half day/ first day crap. The kids and I are supposed to getting into the grove of things in earnest now; getting up early, building routines, and making life work for our family. Normally, I'd be excited about all of this, but it just seems like things aren't off to such a good start. At least not in terms of MY plans and routines. Instead of getting the kids off to school, and taking my dogs out for their walks, then, tending to my chores, and maybe, a bit of relaxation - I get to chat with a cranky oral surgeon receptionist, spend time sitting in the waiting room, waiting, while they squeeze Nick into their busy schedule. Then explain how all these wires in my son's mouth, just happened to fall out. He is going to be in some deep shit with the doctor when he tells him, that he did everything he told him NOT to do. No doubt, Nick will try to lie to him.

So basically, my plans are shot to shit and they probably will continue to be, for at least, the rest of the week. Tuesday, I'll have to take him to see a lawyer, and then, to court on Wednesday. Who knows what will happen from there? I'm trying to only think about it one day at a time.

The only positive in all this is that I won't have to deal with Miss Jennifer, and all her annoying babying of Nick. ( I have pretty much zero sympathy for him right now) Nick and Jennifer have had to settle for just spending weekends together because, I have made it clear that Nick IS going some where - either to jail , or to rehab - soon. (Maybe he should move in to Jennifer's parents house?) When she packed her things and moved back home on Thursday, Her dad wisely gave her a new job as a receptionist at his company. So, she is supposed to be at work this week. Still, there is a little voice inside me that says, she will figure out a way to hold his hand through most of it. I don't know if I'm being pessimistic, or realistic. I'm pretty sure that either way, I just come off sounding bitter and bitchy. I don't begrudge either of them for being in love, it's just grossing me out. It's like neither of them can breathe without the other - like they will just keel over and die if they're separated. It's creepy!

Yup, I sound bitchy, but then, I'm pretty tired. I need to get to bed so I can get up early in the morning. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

I'd be cranky too! Hanging round doctors and lawyers is boring and expensive..I know as a Mum we would do anything for our kids but it doesn't mean you have to do it all with a smile on your face.

Hang in there mc'chooken. :)

Cat said...

My 16 year old and his gf is going through the same new found - I cannot breath let alone live without you near me- next to me - on top of me - kinda of love... I hope they get passed this soon LOL