Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Vacation.

Hey there,

I just thought I'd drop you all a note to let you know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, I'm not in the midst of a personal crisis, and all is well.

I've just decided that after the past week, and all the insanity, I'm in need of a vacation. I'm tired of being grown up and responsible. I've dealt with doctors, and policemen. Managed bloody, unreasonable, injured drunks. Handled their girlfriends and families. Cooked and cleaned for family and guests. I've ran kids to back - to - school hair appointments, and parties, bought shoes, paid bills, done my yearly medical and lab work, and cared for a pack of five dogs.

As of Friday night, I have been sucked into a good book. I'm reading the last book of the Twighlight series: Breaking Dawn. The laundry hampers are over flowing, the beds have gone unmade, the dishes are piling up in the sink, and the carpets are covered with dog hair. I haven't cooked a single meal, and it's just too hot to walk the dogs. And I don't care. I still have another 200 pages left, and the world can wait untill I return. I am on holiday for the weekend !

Hope everyone else is having a geat weekend as well.



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Anonymous said...

good for you! hope the ending rocks. :)