Thursday, December 20, 2007

* Christmas Crunch Time

Hi there,

I can't believe that it's December 20th already !!! To make things worse, I lost a day ! Yesterday, I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I took some Tylenol and the dogs followed me back to bed. I truly believed that in 30 minutes all would be well , and I could start my day. Wrong.
Peter became concerned about me, and woke me with wet doggie kisses and his infamous whimpering. I sat up and realised that I had slept until 1:00 in the afternoon ! I got dressed, and headed out to get my rocks and a few things from the store.
I was in such a panic that half the day had escaped me, that it took me a while to realise that being up and about wasn't making me feel any better. In fact, as I pushed my shopping cart through the store, I was thankful that I hadn't taken time to eat anything, or there would have been a "clean up on isle 12" On the drive back home, I had to revert to my Lamaze breathing because my head was pounding, and my stomach was sending all kinds of rude suggestions to my brain.
I got home, asked the kids to unload the car, and I went back to bed. Normally, at 3:00 pm, the dogs start to get anxious, because they know that it's time for their walks. Not yesterday. They followed me to the bedroom, settled into their usual spots, and laid with me while I slept until Roy woke me up at 7:30 pm. Good dogs !! Of course, I have no idea what Jake and Heather did all day. Needless to say, they weren't nearly as concerned. Actually, they're pretty good too. They didn't jump in and clean the house for me...but, they didn't destroy it either, so I can't complain.
When I got up, I finally had to admit that my day was lost. I managed to force down a bowl of chicken soup so that I could take some pain meds; I fed the dogs, cleaned up the dishes, and went back to bed and slept for another 8 hours !

Thank God I feel better today. (I had to catch up on three days of housework !) I'm just hoping that the Roy and the kids stay healthy. I realise that it's probably too late, but I've been running around here like the Tasmanian Devil, wiping everything down with disinfectant. I'd hate for some stupid virus to spoil their Christmas - that would suck. When Jasmin was in first grade, she came down with the flu on Christmas eve, and was sick all day Christmas day. She STILL bitches about that - like it was MY fault !?! Sheeeesh ! Moms get blamed for everything !

Anyway, December 20th is the official beginning of Christmas crunch time around here. I've got about a bizillion things to do. (plus, whatever the kids can think of to throw at me.) Roy has a furnace installation in Sedalia, Missouri tomorrow, so he's leaving early (5am) and won't be home till late. So I'm on my own tomorrow, but he promised to go shopping with me this weekend. Just once, I'd like to have my ducks in a row by Dec. 20th, and just be able to sit back and enjoy the holiday. I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without the insanity.

Good night all.

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Betty said...

OH you poor thing! that sounded horrible. I'm glad you are feeling much better's NOT a great time of the year to be sick okay? you can get sick on december 26th lucky mums hey!

I hope all your ducks get lined up for christmas eve...all the pressies wrapped and under the tree.
I know you'll make it happen....

love mel x

christopherc said...

I think all people in North America have been sick in the last month... I've been fighting a cold for a month myself and finally decided I couldn't heal myself and headed off the doc.

The b**ch asked me first thing what was workng with me... I started to say it all started at birth, but instead went for the more direct smart ass path ad remarked, "if I knew that I wouldn't be here would I?"

It's all well that ends well, and we're the stronger for surviving I"m most certain!

Love ya'll!