Sunday, December 23, 2007

* Pre-Christmas Craziness

Hey there !

I have a feeling that it's going to be one of "those" winters. We are in the midst of another weekend snow storm. I love the snow, the kids love the snow, they're just not crazy about the timing. As everyone knows, snow should only fall in large amounts, Monday through Friday, NOT on the weekends ! I think that we have had significant snowfalls every weekend this month. Of course, it's always nice to have snow for Christmas, but kids know that we are only allowed so many snowfalls per year, so it's important to make the most of each one. Snow on the weekend, and during Christmas break, is just a waste, in their opinion. And I have to admit, that it's a pain in the ass for Christmas shopping.

I finally got out on Friday, and got a few things accomplished while the kids did a bit of their own shopping at the mall. Roy and I had planned to do the bulk of our shopping today. And we did get most of it done, but then, the roads got so yucky that we had to head home. We're hoping that the road crews will have a chance to get the roads cleared by tomorrow, so that we can finish up. The last thing that I want to do, is to be out in all the insanity on Monday. I'd much rather be home with my family on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like Roy has a few service calls scheduled for Monday. It's going to be chaos. I suspect that with all the snow that we have had, alot of people are behind on their shopping.

I haven't heard from Jasmin the last few days. I'm guessing that she's pulling her hair out by now. I remember what it's like having little ones at Christmas time. Even kids that are normally "nice", become "naughty" the few days before Christmas - Christmas Eve is the worst. It's just more excitement and anticipation than any kid can handle. It's a little easier for me, now that Jake and Heather are older. So far, my biggest concern has been getting them over their flu. (yup, they caught my virus after all.)
Jake came down with it on Thursday, and was in and out of bed all night long. Heather got it the next day, and the "bathroom relay" was repeated last night. She wasn't able to eat much of anything until this evening at dinner - and she went to bed early. Heather, my little worrier, spent most of today fretting over "what if I'm not better by Sunday ?!" (As if the world just might reschedule Christmas for her. ) I finally got her to take a nap and she woke up feeling better - and a little less anxious. They should both be back to normal by tomorrow, so things could still get interesting before Christmas.

Since Roy and the kids have gone to bed early tonight, the pups are doing their best to take up the slack and keep me busy. They feel that it's their duty to periodically interrupt my quiet time with their needs, so that my butt doesn't grow roots on this computer chair. I'm being a push over because I was too busy to get them out for their walks today; also, the winds are just a little too chilly for me. Roy got them riled up after dinner with an insane game of ball - INSIDE the house !! Roy is actually worse than a kid because....well, mostly because he's too big for me to kick his ass, or to be intimidated by my threats. Playing fetch with the dogs (inside) has been one of his annoying hobbies for along time now.

This is a game that started before we had this particular pack of dogs; back when we just had Guttenburg, Honey Bear, and Angel, was just a pup. Guttenburg, my German Shepard, and Honey Bear, my Golden Retriever, were pros at playing ball. They always caught the ball and brought it back. They were quick and agile, and rarely knocked things over. (also, our house was alot bigger.) I also think that they were alot smarter. I worked with them during the day and taught them all kinds of tricks with the tennis ball. Even so, about four years ago, I managed to end up with a back eye from one of Roy's inside Tennis ball games with the dogs. In those days, I had no concerns about laying on the floor, as Gute was flying through the air to snatch the ball. The collision occurred when I raised my head to tell Roy to "Please, don't play ball with the dogs in the house," at the same time that Gute was leaping over me to catch it. At that moment, Guttenburg's back leg smashed into my head. It's true, when you get whacked in the head. . . you see stars. It hurt so much, I almost forgot to breathe, but Guttenburg caught the ball !

With this goofy group of canines, Angel, is the only one who really understands the "magic" of the tennis ball. The other four, just run amok, and do their best to knock over as many people and things as possible. Still, Roy continues to play the game, trying to recapture the past. The truth is, they aren't ever going to get it. When I can get Angel alone, without the other four lunatics, I play ball with her because she truly loves it. I think it reminds her of her old friends. At least it reminds ME of my old friends, Honey Bear and Guttenburg.

Anyway, the pups are still trying to use up their excess energy by playing in the new snow. The problem is that the cold, isn't as much fun, as the snow. They play for a while, come inside to warm up, and want back out 5 minutes later. This little routine has been going on since I sat down to type. I think I'm done. Almost an hour of getting up, opening the door, sitting back down, only to repeat the process every 10 minutes, has finally relieved me of all my guilt. I'm going to turn out the lights, and go to bed.

Hope that you all have a wonderful day.
Love ya,

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Anonymous said...

I always like hearing about your dogs! it seems so funny to have a whole bunch in the house playing fetch..your house is much more funner than my house :)

I can imagine getting to the shops in the snow would be hard work.
The other day, when we had that wild windy wet weather in Canberra, parts of Canberra flooded a tiny bit, over roads etc. and you should have seen the commotion! people were all over the place and I was meant to go to the mall that day to pick up Liam's glasses but I took one look at the craziness and drove straight on through! Mum had to wait 15 minutes before she could find a park...I'm just not that keen!

anyway, it is now Christmas eve here and it looks like it will be sunny and bright.
love mel

Anonymous said...

god, see how many exclamation marks I use in my writing? it's like I am continually using a highpitch voice and am exceptionally excited.
hahah, am going to put a ban on my exclamations to just one in every comment box and see if that seems better. :)