Tuesday, December 11, 2007

* I'm Bored !

Hi there

I awoke this morning to a world coated in crystal. Absolutely breathtaking. I only had a moment to enjoy the sight, before I realised that my husband was missing. I came down the stairs, looked out the front window, and noticed that Roy's work truck was gone. I also noticed that the streets in front of our house were eerily empty of moving cars. Since school had been cancelled the night before, I intentionally slept in, and the kids were already up. I asked them where their dad had gone, and they calmly informed me that he went to work. I started feeling a little panicky. Not just because I was a trapped, alone, in a house full of teenagers, But I couldn't imagine Roy driving all over the greater Kansas City area on icy streets, in a vehicle that I secretly refer to as the "death trap." (even on a good day, I refuse to drive his truck) I went to the phone to call his cell, fully expecting to have it answered by a paramedic or police officer. When he answered himself, I immediately started talking with a voice that was higher in pitch than my normal tone.

"What the HELL are you doing driving around in this kind of weather !!! You said that you'd stay home today if it was icy !!! Blah, blah, blah !!!"

Roy started laughing and informed me that although the streets looked slick, it was actually 3 degrees above freezing outside, and with all the salt and chemicals that had been laid on the pavement, the streets were only wet - not slippery at all. I couldn't believe it untill I turned on the news. They said that with the possible exception of a few bridges and overpasses, the streets were fine. The biggest danger would be ice coated tree branches that might break off and fall. The rain that was falling, was remaining rain on the roads; however, the trees and power lines were freezing because the air (above ground level ) was slightly colder. So we really lucked out. We got the beauty of the ice storm, without the really hazardous road conditions. And as far as I know, there have been very few power outages.

By 2:30, Jake was actually wishing that school hadn't been cancelled after all. That's probably an indication that he is having way too much fun at school. Eventually, He and Khris took their skateboards to the basement, where it was dry, to skate. So far, school is on for
tomorrow - thankfully.
I got Heather off the computer long enough to have her take a few photos. The photo at the top of the page, is of the tree in our back yard that is now drooping over our deck. The photo above, is of our back yard that has now become an ice rink. I don't know how, but the dogs managed to locate their toys and pry them loose. The furry guy trying to climb the four foot fence is phoenix - one of the puppies. He has made it over a few times too. Fortunately, the only time that he seems inclined to preform such a feat is when I am walking the other dogs on the path behind the house. If you click on the picture of the frozen tree, and look closely, you'll see a low, tan, brick wall in the back ground - that, is the walking path. A couple of months ago, I was walking Pete and Midnight. We were walking towards the backyard, and I spied a big brown dog running around loose (acting like a total SPAZ) up ahead of us. I stood there and cursed the irresponsible pet owner who had let their stupid dog run around unsupervised. About that time, he turned and charged towards us, and I finally realised that it was MY "stupid dog !" As soon as Phoenix realised that we weren't dangerous, he got in line with the other dogs and trotted right to the gate in the back yard. I think that's when I realised that my "babies" aren't puppies anymore. ( I HONESTLY couldn't figure out who that big, goofy dog belonged to.) I still think of them as my babies, but they are more like teenagers now. They are constantly testing their limits, and trying to see what I will let them get away with. (which isn't much)
They were born in January, and they were too little to play outside last winter, so this is their fist encounter with snow and ice. They have spent most of today running in and out of the back door, gathering icicles that are hanging off the deck and the tables. They love to crunch ice. During the summer, that was their treat after they got home from their walks.
Okay, I'm just rambling on now, because to be honest, the last few days have been pretty dull and boring. ( yes, the kids are right) I'm just hoping that the sun comes out and the wet, cold weather clears a bit. I need to get out and do some shopping for this weekend. Saturday night, Jasmin is bringing the kids over for an evening of gingerbread house creating. For the past eight years, it's been a family tradition, and Ana has been asking about it all week. It's very sticky and messy, but the kids love it. Even Roy makes one. In fact, his house is usually the most outrageous one of all !
Anyway, since tomorrow is looking like a school day, I need to get myself to bed.

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Christopher said...

Boredom is often a good thing...as it gives rise to ingenuity for one to entertain one's self and others!

Seriously though, I'm glad to hear from you and find that you guys survived the storm with no major infractions against your well being beyond the boredom. Might today bring about a sense of a normal day.


Anonymous said...

OOOh, winter wonderland! it looks so beautiful.

cooped up in the house though for a long time does get boring doesn't it. for the kids and for the parents. Roy was probably lucky to get himself out for the day - something to do!

tell heather she did a great job with the photos :)

love mel