Monday, December 3, 2007

* Monday *

Hi there,

I survived another Monday - Yay for me ! After being so lethargic yesterday, I had no idea what to expect from today. I was more than a little worried that it would turn into a mess since I gave no thought or planning to it whatsoever. To my surprise, it went well.

Roy got Jake off to school without incident. Heather and I picked up on her home school where we left off, before last week's chaos. And Nick went to work with Roy.

When I woke up, my biggest concern was finding Nick a dentist who could see him right away, because I knew that he was almost out of pain pills. For I think, the first time ever, our Dentist had an opening within 24 hours !!! I snatched it up, and called to tell Nick. That's when he told me that he had decided to return to ARC tomorrow (it's been five days already) and they would get him in to see their dentist at no charge, I wouldn't even have to worry about transporting him. So that figures, the one time that I don't have to wait a week for an appointment, and I have to call and cancel it. Oh well.

It's been nice to have Nick home, unfortunately, he's obviously not ready to be home yet. He has behaved himself while he was here, and I realise that what he truly wants is to have his own life - to not be in anyone else's care. He just hasn't reached that point yet, he is still battling temptations on a minute by minute basis. The worst part of him returning to ARC, is that he will be on a 45 day restriction, like he was when he first started. Which means, he won't be eligible for a pass until mid January. That means ANOTHER Christmas without him - I hate that.

I finally got a hold of my mom. (that stubborn woman went to work today !!) After seeing the doctor, he reported that her oxygen level was up high enough that the doctor decided to let her stay out of the hospital. (which was a lucky thing for the doctor.)

Other than that, everything else in my day was smooth as silk. Knocked out my housework, took the dogs out for a walk, cooked, and cleaned up dinner, got the kids to do their homework, and off to bed on time ! Is that weird, or what ? After last week, I think I must have been overdue for a "good" day. I'm actually thinking of waking up my husband with a few snuggles when I go to bed - You know, see where it leads... Do I dare push my luck that far ? Maybe I'll say an extra prayer before I go to bed - he looked pretty worn out when he stumbled up the stairs.

I'm doing my best to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about the inevitable, dreaded shopping that's yet to come. I always wait until the last minute. Usually, due to finances. ( and the fact that my kids cannot be trusted with gifts hidden in the house.) I wish that they were still little; every year, the stuff that they want gets more expensive. And then, of course, there's the Christmas crowds, and parking lot insanity. Before I married Roy, I used to manage an optical shop in one of Kansas City's busiest malls. The optical industry gets very slow during the holidays, so you have alot of time to watch people as they bustle about, spreading holiday.... "cheer?" There were daily fist fights in the parking lots, as people fought for the best parking places, and who had been waiting for it the longest. Security inside the mall was usually tripled. And EVERYONE is rude and cranky; from the shoppers, to the store clerks, to the maintenance men, right down to Santa's elves. Watching all that for 13 Christmases straight will suck the Christmas spirit right out of a person. Even though I haven't worked at the mall for almost 18 years, I think that I still have post-traumatic stress from the whole experience. Poor me.

Alright, I really need to pry my butt out of the computer chair and do something constructive before it gets too late.

Have a wonderful Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on where you are.

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

Hey you!

Yes, I too have left my christmas shopping to the last minute...I'm starting to feel the panic rising!! and for me, it's finances as well. I just don't have any money at all. I hate that.
But it won't hurt my kids to know that every year is not about the biggest toy. I might do small and little things....
I've even started telling them about their Nanna Harrison who when she was a little girl in war time england only got an ORANGE for her xmas present. 1 orange.
They are flipping out on that story so this will work in my favour.
"See? You've got three oranges in your santa sack. Just be grateful."

hahah, that'll go down with a thud.

anyway, glad today was good!!!

love mel