Tuesday, December 11, 2007

* The Ice Queen Arrives.


Well, this could turn into a long night. The ice storm that had everyone so worried over the weekend, has arrived this evening. It started raining around 6:30 pm and things are icing up already. Thankfully, everyone was home, safe and sound, before things got bad. The kids were thrilled to discover that school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. So they're doing the happy dance, and chattering away to friends on the phone. I have a feeling that my house will be full of kids tomorrow, and chaos will rule the day. So I just baked a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies. If I have to, I can throw the cookies in one direction, while I run like hell in the other.
They have no idea that the worst is still to come. I was watching on the news that this is the same storm system that went through Oklahoma a few days ago. Oklahoma has 600,000 homes without power right now. So, if y'all don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably shivering in the dark with a bunch of kids, hopped up on sugar, who will be whinging that "they're bored!" I guess if the kids start to really drive me crazy, I can always take my cookies, lock my self in the mini van, crank up the heater and the stereo, and just ignore them. After a couple dozen cookies, I'll be hibernating like a grizzly bear, and I won't have to deal with anything until spring. That's MY "winter storm emergency plan".

The last four or five days have been difficult for Nick. On Thursday night, he took Peter for a walk and ended up at the liquor store. I knew what he had done as soon as he got home. Then, on Sunday, he started complaining that he was bored, and chose to do the same thing. Before he went to bed Sunday night, he called the Captain at the Salvation Army ARC, and worked out a way to be re-admitted. So, Roy took him in this morning. It's so hard. I feel like I have missed so much of his life, and I love having him at home, but after he has been here a while, he starts feeling comfortable, and goes back to his old ways. Of course, that eventually seems to happen regardless of where he is. It just happens sooner, at home. It sucks. Now that he's 22 years old, all I can do is pray.

Well, I spent almost all day on the computer yesterday, working on Heathers lesson plans and getting a head start on 2nd quarter grades. So, I'm a little burnt out on the key board. I think that I'm ready put myself to bed. Tomorrow promises to be "interesting" if nothing else.
Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday.

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Christopher said...

I certainly hope the weather isn't as ruthless in your area as it appears to have been in other places. Hopefully, it'll just glaze you folks with a winter wonderland decoration of ice and move on to shed solid water over this way.

With Nick, as with the weather you and your family remain in my prayers and thoughts. He is a wonderful young man, as reflected through the amazingly charming and loving parents I've come to know and love through these blogs.


Anonymous said...

I saw that ice storm on a news report! I hope you guys just sit tight and it passes by. Being without power would not be fun, but in saying that, it gives a glimpse into what life was like in the "olden days" and how much better life actually is now we don't have to talk to anybody in the family. Hhahaha

ooooh choccie biscuits - they are my favourite thing. I still haven't mastered the art of a perfect choc chip biscuit. Can you write up a recipie for me when you don't have 40 000 other more important things to do ?? Thanks! :)

Ok, take care and I'm sad for Nick. It's torture when you can't have what you really want. It's such a tough road for a young bloke. Sending him kind wishes.

love mel