Wednesday, December 19, 2007

* Crazy Rock Lady


Well, we did it - Sort of. Heather got most of her school work done. All she has left is a couple chapters of reading, she can do that over her break as home work when she gets bored. She likes the book, so it won't be too much of a hassle getting her to do it.

Jasmin and Caleb showed up at 1:00 this afternoon. She was in a panic because she needed some craft stuff cut and prepared for Ana's school Christmas party. (Jasmin is the room mother this year.) I had to chuckle to myself, there are only 20 kids in Ana's class; last year, I cut 200 of the same type of crafts for the church Christmas party. I told her that if I had known that she was planning on doing this, I could have gotten the left overs from church. She told me to 'shut up and keep cutting.' We managed to knock them out pretty quickly. When she gathered up Caleb and dashed off to pick up Ana at the bus stop, I looked around my house and realised that we weren't quick enough for Caleb. That little man is like a whirlwind of chaos ! It took me an hour to get things put back, before I could take the dogs out for their walks. I never did get my housework done, or even started, for that matter. So I've got double duty tomorrow.

The temps have been rising all week long, and most of the snow is gone now. In fact, I only had to wear a light jacket this afternoon. However, they're talking about more snow, possibly ice, for this weekend. That's the way things are here in Kansas - you never know from one day to another, what the weather will be like.

I'm hoping that it will remain mild for at least one more day. I have to get down to the landscaper's and find the river rocks that I need for painting. I started doing the whole painted rock thing because I was filled with all kinds of romantic ideas, of walking along the river's edge with my dogs, looking for the perfect stones. Turns out, that's alot harder than it seems in Kansas. It's about 30 miles to the nearest river, and it's surrounded by highways, land fills, and bussiness parks. If I hadn't discovered a landscape rock dealer, less than 2 miles from the house, I would have given up on the whole thing. These guys are used to selling their rocks by the ton. I wander into their yard, and start rumaging through mountains of rock like a deranged homeless woman. After an hour or so, of inspecting and rejecting stones, I walk into the office and set my little plastic bucket on the counter. They look at me, they look at my pile of rocks, they look back at me, they roll their eyes, shrug, and say,
"uhhh. . . .I don't know. . . . .$.75 . . . $1.00 ?" If I don't have exact change, they wave their hands and say,
"Hey, don't even wory about it." I'm sure they think I'm nuts.
One of these days, I should bring them back one of their rocks - painted. Of course, they might stop being so generous - maybe it's better to let them think what they want.

Well, it's getting late, and I'm feeling sleepy. I need to run these kids off to bed.


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christopherc said...

You may be te crazed rock lady, or just the crazed lady; but you're remembered by them without a shadow of a doubt as a lady with passion and charisma!

I know you as the crazy lady from Kansas with a poetic soul and would never find it possible to forget you; I can only imagine how unforgettable you would be in person!

Glad things are well in your workld, see you in the funnies!


Betty said...

HAHAHAH the crazy rock lady, I love that image. I'm like that at the bargian bin at Kmart, heheh. Pathetic and tragic, but you might just get a great deal!!

I think painted rocks are an awesome gift idea.