Saturday, December 15, 2007

* Snowy Saturday

Hey there,

The sunshine from yesterday and Thursday melted most of the ice; so, of course, last night (Friday night)we had a snow storm move into the area. It's Saturday afternoon, and the snow is still coming down in buckets. The kids have been driving me nuts all morning, waiting for Roy to come home and take them sledding. We are expecting 3-7 inches by Sunday morning. Fortunately, the city crews have been dumping salt and plowing non-stop since Tuesday, so the roads aren't so bad.

They just left and the house is blissfully silent. I've learned along time ago that it's not wise for me to go sledding with them - they make me a nervous wreck. (mostly because Roy is the biggest, craziest kid of them all.) I am very content to stay in the nice warm house, and have hot chocolate ready for them when they return. Hopefully, I won't need the first aid kit.

Of course, the dogs are loving the snow. Especially Pete and the boys. Being an all white dog, he thinks that he is camouflaged well enough to be virtually invisible to everyone. While the puppies are out there bouncing around, Pete is creeping around like a bandit, looking for the perfect moment to pounce them. The girls, Angel and Princess, would rather stay inside and snuggle in a blanket on the couch - neither of them are good at suffering fools. When the pups get cold and tired, they come inside and Pete grudgingly follows. Until he can interest them in another round of snow play, he spends his day doing this :Sadly gazing out the front window, watching the snow fall, and pouting. Poor baby.

I just got a call from Roy. They're out in Parkville, Mo. (about 30 miles away) they just picked up Christian and they have found the perfect hill. I told them to call when they were headed home. I'm hoping that we will get the sunshine that they are forecasting for tomorrow. Roy has found a house in Parkville that he wants to take me to look at. We used to live in Parkville, about 15 years ago. (That's where Jasmin met Shawn, Christian's dad.) I wouldn't mind living there again. The company that Roy works for is based out of Parkville, and it would be very convenient for him. It's not unusual for him to do 200 miles worth of driving a day, 60 of those miles are just driving to and from work. We would still be about 15 miles from my mom and from Jasmin, just in the other direction. Surprisingly, the kids aren't opposed to the idea of moving. I think that they like the idea of being close to Christian, the three of them pretty much grew up together, but they have never lived in the same town. Also, I think that they have been disappointed with the number of kids their age in this neighborhood - I think that they are getting a little bored with the kids next door being their only friends. Personally, I'd love to have a house, instead of a duplex - It just has to be big enough.

Well, I need to get busy. We are making gingerbread houses tonight and I have about a dozen people expected, and lots of preparations still to do. I need to get busy.

Have a great weekend!



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Anonymous said...

The thoughts of constructing a gingerbread house seems divine to me tonight!! I've not even made gingerbread in years... there's definitely some gingerbread in my weekend here!!

As for the snow and Ice, we're still droughting here and the winter weather is sparse at best. However, they are predicting some snow/ice this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the winter cold when it is accompanied by winter weather! Bella loves the snow too, we'll have to get Pete and Bella together one winter during a good storm to play outside!!

Have a nice night,

Anonymous said...

wow! you might be moving house? I love things like that...tell me what the house was like ok?

your puppy does look sad and woeful but I bet it is all a front :)

that snow is WONDERFUL, my kids would have their eyes pop if they saw that on their own front porch. amazing.

well, hope nobody broke a limb, that is always a bummer.

love mel

p.s hope you are doing much better? no flu??