Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Wishes

Hi again !

Well, it's New Year's eve day. I'm praying that I don't hear any of the traditional phrases like "out with the old, in with the new !" at my age, it's starting to feel like a personal threat.

As I checked all my friend's blogs this morning, and I started wondering how many new blogs and lists of resolutions will be started today and tomorrow, and how few of them will remain past the end of the month. This is my first year as a blogger . (I started in January of this year. First on My Space, then Clear blogs, and finally here, on blogger) It really wasn't a resolution. I had no agenda - no plan, no goal. It just so happens that last Christmas brought our first computer into our home. What started as a lark, has become more of an addiction. An addiction that has brought many wonderful people into my life. Who would have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure.
Last night, I found myself browsing through old posts and comments, trying to get a snapshot of the past year's triumphs and tragedies. In the process, I found alot of smiles, giggles, and beautiful memories from some very special people. People that I've never met, who have become a cherished part of my life. I can't think of any past resolutions, no matter how well intentioned or determined, that have ever succeeded in bringing such happiness and change to my life.
Could it be, that stepping out into the great BIG world, armed with merely faith, love, and hope, could have more impact, and bring about more positive changes, than a life time of careful planning and good intentions?!? Seems to me, that's what I've read, and what I thought I believed. But I've discovered (over this past year) that truth, and what we say that we believe in, is only a beautiful concept until you live it.

Okay, that's my light bulb moment for the year. I wouldn't hold my breath for another one. So! In all my wisdom (cough, cough, choke) I have determined that it's better to make resolutions for Christmas, and Wish Lists for New Years. What a surprise, I've been doing everything ass backwards !

So, here is my *Wish list for 2008.
(*please note: the statements contained herein are subject to change without notice, and not valid in states where prohibited by law, or in North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.)

I wish. . .

1. To laugh. . . As often as possible.
2. To make Love with my husband whenever possible. (which is sometimes actually better, when I think "It's not possible.")
3. To spend more time with people who make me feel happy.
4. To spend more time with people who make me feel sad.
5. To give away kisses, hugs, and tears like they were candy.
6. To forgive. . . everyone, including myself.
7. To convince myself that sugar and fried foods are evil. (yeah, right !)
8. To call my husband at work and talk dirty to him. . . at least once a week.
9. To do more things that I don't have to do, or don't want to do.
10. To make sure that all the people in my life know how much I love them and appreciate them.
11. To go to bed earlier so I can enjoy the sunrise instead of cursing it.
12. To always be thankful.

That seems like enough for now, but I'm always open to suggestions. After all, they're wishes, not resolutions.

I should probably get up and out of this computer chair and get busy with a few of these. Hmmm. . . Maybe I'll start with #8.)

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to 2007 and a delightful wish list for 2008.

I found a treasure in your friendship through the blogs and look forward to it being continued.

being amongst the old from 2007, let's not toss the old out this year; my old joints couldn't take the tossing!


Anonymous said...

I agree with C, what a lovely post.
You know, I'm glad the three of us met. I think it's been a special treat for all of us - I'm so much better with knowing both of you guys.

Yep, blogging this past year has also taught me to take a closer look at what I say ( how easy words are!) and then look at what I actually DID. Big difference!!

I love you and am glad to have met ya,

mel xx